Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ before sending us a message.

How can I pay?

We accept all forms of major credit cards and check in advance of service.

What happens when it rains?

We will mow in light rain as long as we don’t damage your lawn. During heavy continuous rain we halt service until it stops. On the rare occasion that we’re delayed a day or two we start where we left off and get to your lawn as quickly as possible.

We schedule our teams on four 10 hour days so we have Friday and Saturday saved as rain days to be sure we get your property looking fantastic before the weekend.

Can I pick my day of service?

We try to facilitate every request so please do ask, but there are odd occasions that we can’t because of our schedule.

How do you mow without gas?

We use all electric mowers and hand held equipment. This means we don’t emit any fumes around your home or business. Our electric mowers are 50% as loud as their gas equivalent and our hand helds are 30% as loud. 

How do I start service?

We understand that grass grows oh so very fast during the summer so it’s important we get to you quickly. You can request a quote through our home page or call us directly. We’re very responsive. 

Are you hiring?

We are always hiring. Go to our careers page and fill out the application. We will be contacting you shortly.

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