Monthly Archives: April 2017

Solar Panels for Your Home Just Got More Affordable

solar panels for your home

What’s better than solar energy? Solar energy that’s affordable for everyone. And here in Alachua County, residents are collaborating to make that happen. Alachua homeowners are banding together to form a solar co-op. Solar co-ops make it possible to get discounted solar panels for your home through large group purchases. The co-op will use a […]

Can You Beat Busy Season? Lawn Care Service Slots Are Filling Up!

lawn care service gainesville fl

We hope everyone stayed safe and cozy during the rain this week! Bet your lawns and gardens enjoyed the downpour. Gainesville is about to get lush and vibrant as April showers have begun and the growing season gets underway. It’s a happy time of year, and a busy one for any lawn care company. If you […]

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