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Ask an Expert: What Insurance Coverage Should My Lawn Service Have?

what insurance coverage should my lawn service have

When researching a lawn care service to hire, most people look at customer ratings, testimonials, and ask around for quotes. That’s all definitely crucial to making a smart hire. However, between the pricing and service comparisons, you may forget to ask yourself an essential question: what insurance coverage should my lawn service have? Accidents happen in every […]

How to Save Water and Protect Your Lawn During Florida’s Drought

protect your lawn during florida's drought

With most of Florida parched by drought, you might be worried about whether your property’s grass and plants will make it through the season. Those dreaded brown spots are showing up on many lawns, and according to UF’s meteorologist, there won’t be much relief anytime soon—drought conditions in Florida are expected to last at least […]

Leveling Up Our Sustainable Lawn Care Service with a 48″ Electric Mower

sustainable lawn care service gainesville

Tom Snogles is the founder and owner of the Gainesville sustainable lawn care service Sun Power Lawn Care. Our intrepid Sun Power Lawn Care blogger sat down with Tom to discuss the latest company news—the purchase of a 48-inch electric mower that can tackle large and commercial properties—and why continuing to invest in sustainable equipment […]

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