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Need Help Choosing Mulch? Pros and Cons of Popular Mulch Types

Mulch is a garden’s best friend. It can prevent weeds, trap soil moisture, and protect plant roots from extreme temperatures. Mulch also adds depth to your landscaping and creates a fresh, welcoming look. If you’re choosing mulch for your yard, then you’ve already made a smart step toward healthy and vibrant landscaping. But not all […]

4 Rainy Season Lawn Care Tips for a Healthy Yard All Summer

Rainy season lawn care

A few months ago, North Central Florida was dried up by a drought that just wouldn’t leave—and now we’ve got more rain than we know what to do with. Welcome to summer in Florida! This weather can be tricky for anyone with a turf lawn. Without proper regular maintenance, grass can become overwatered or attract […]

Behind the Scenes: How an Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Company Starts the Day   Tom Snogles is the founder and owner of Sun Power Lawn Care, a Gainesville, FL-based electric lawn care business dedicated to quiet and sustainable service. As the owner of an eco-friendly lawn care company, I get a lot of questions about how my business works. Many people want to know whether our electric […]

How to Get Florida-Friendly Landscaping at Half the Price

florida-friendly landscaping

Imagine having a lush, vibrant, inviting yard… but without having to water or mow it so much. Sounds nice, right? It’s also totally achievable with something called Florida-Friendly landscaping. Florida-Friendly landscaping is a program that harnesses low-maintenance plants to cut down on water usage. The result is a beautiful yard that doesn’t need constant irrigation. […]

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