5 Benefits of Quiet Lawn Care

What does Saturday morning sound like? To some it sounds like silence because no alarms are set for an early wake-up. Ah, so tranquil. To others there’s a distinct sound: the neighbors or a gas lawn service getting an early start.  Whether far away or right next door, the engine of a lawn mower is unfortunately a classic sound for Saturday mornings. But it doesn’t have to be this way, not anymore.

There are benefits to actually not hearing the engine of a lawn mower at the crack of dawn. This is especially true on Saturday mornings when people are trying to recover from a long work week. Here they are:

  • People aren’t disturbed by noise
  • It keeps neighborhoods quiet
  • Quiet lawn care helps those who work nights
  • Babies are able to sleep soundly
  • Schools and business aren’t impacted

People Aren’t Disturbed

Saturdays aren’t the only days people cut grass. As a matter of fact, we take care of lawns during the week as well. But that’s alright because we work silently!

Quiet Lawn Care Keeps Neighborhoods Still

People like to wake up on their own terms. Yes, and understandably, alarms are needed to wake us up many mornings throughout the week. Some of us need to wake up early to go to work. Others need to wake up early to go to school. But what about the days when an alarm isn’t required?

The last thing these people want is to hear a noise to wake them up. These noises take the form of barking dogs and cars passing by. But the sound of a gas-powered lawn mower is normally present for a much longer sustained period of time: around an hour or so.

People Who Work Nights

We talked about people who have to wake up early. But what about the people who work throughout the night? According to a study by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and shared by PBS, “three million Americans work graveyards and another four million work evening shifts”.

After a long day (or night!) on the job, these people will attempt to fall asleep just after the sun rises. There’s only one problem: A gas-powered lawn mower is preventing them from falling asleep.

Some people have a hard enough time falling asleep at night. Think about the people who need to sleep during the day! Quiet lawn care will not disturb them.

Babies Need Sleep

Ask any parent: People prefer when their babies sleep through the night. Unfortunately, babies aren’t on the same sleep schedule as adolescents, teens, and adults. The sleep schedule of a baby is all over the place, actually. And they’ll wake up by hearing the smallest type of noise! That includes that from a gas-powered lawn mower.

Quiet lawn care, like the kind we provide, allows babies so sleep until they are naturally ready to wake up.

Schools and Business Aren’t Impacted

Try taking an exam at school when a gas-powered lawn mower is right outside the classroom. It’s hard to concentrate! On the same note, hearing loud noises at a place of business disturbs important meetings when they take place. Quiet lawn care allows businesses to operate in an environment that isn’t loud.

Our Quiet Lawn Care Services

All of our lawn care services are quiet. Here’s why: We don’t use gas-powered equipment! The equipment we use is powered by electricity. Keep your neighborhood quiet, let babies sleep, and don’t wake people up by hiring us to take care of your lawn! Contact us today to schedule service for your lawn.

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  1. Jedidiah Settle says:

    Do you think electric lawn mowers are the future of the industry? How about other electric equipment like string trimmers and chainsaws? We are a new lawn care and landscaping business in Spokane, WA and we are currently using all gas powered equipment as the electric ones don’t seem to have enough power for cutting through trees, etc. Thanks for your leadership in the industry. Your tips are really awesome!

    • Tom Snogles says:

      Yes I do, though it’s going to take a while to become popular or demanded by the public. We use all electric handheld equipment so we don’t carry gas on our trailer or truck beds which our crews love! As of today, 2019, I feel we’re limited on leaf clearing so we edge away from large properties with huge amounts of leafs. That being said, we are able to work with local companies and have them come in to do large leaf clearing jobs while we do all the other maintenance. They’re happy for the work during the winter as it’s slow. It all works out.

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