5 Blogs A Gardener Should Be Reading

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If there’s one gift the internet has given us, it’s the ability for anyone to start a website and begin blogging. Blogs are everywhere and cover the entire gamut of possible topics. For gardeners, there’s a ton of blogs out there that can teach you lawn care techniques, tips to grow better flowers, and more. However, finding the best blogs can be a challenge. We spent some time searching and came up with this list of the 5 blogs a gardener should be reading.

Here are a couple of quick notes about our criteria. First, we looked at the design of the blog. Does it work well on desktop and mobile? Next, how updated has the author kept the content? After that, we only chose blogs that were secure, using HTTPS and an SSL. Finally, we looked at the diversity of the posts and articles. With that in mind, we decided that these were the top 5 blogs a gardener can’t miss!

Dirt Simple

The first blog on our list uses a basic layout but is full of information. The author, Deborah Silver, is the owner of a Detroit-based garden design firm with over 25 years of experience. Her articles seem extremely informative, thorough, and diverse covering everything from fall decorating to landscaping. She’s also been blogging for a while! Need proof? As of this blog writing, she has over 430 pages of content to read through!

To visit her blog, CLICK HERE.

Backyard Gardener

The next blog on our list of the 5 blogs a gardener should be reading is Backyard Gardener. When you visit the homepage, you’re immediately greeted with their most recent article. What jumps out at us the most about their website is the incredible amount of topics. You can get tips on everything from garden themes to design ideas to an education center.

Plus, they link to their (active) social media profiles so that you can stay up to date not only with their longer blog articles but their shorter social media tips as well.

To visit their blog, CLICK HERE.

Garden Rant

Garden Rant is a slightly different blog than the rest of the sections on our list, but one you should definitely check out. The website uses a magazine-style interface and includes both personal content as well as public interest pieces — all with a gardening twist. 

Moving beyond the tips and tricks, which are abundant by the way, other articles challenge us to do better or to think about things as simple as naming our garden. Moving deeper, they also include gardening book reviews, landscaping opinion pieces, and gardener spotlights. 

Better yet, they have author-contributors from all across the United States, ranging from Maryland to New York to California and everywhere in between. 

To visit their blog, CLICK HERE.

5 Blogs a gardener Should be Reading

Empress of Dirt

When we first visited Empress of Dirt, the most recent blog post at the time featured her cat. This kept us scrolling because we were expecting lawn and garden articles, not back to back ones for cat owners. As we checked the site out, even more, we realized that she hit all of our criteria, and exemplified our “diversity” requirement exceptionally well. Based in Ontario and ran by Melissa Will, we found everything from indoor gardening tips to ponds and more.

While a lot of her content is geared towards those living in colder climates, what drew us to her blog was her practical sense of “anyone can do this” with easy to comprehend steps. In terms of content, she also includes summarized podcasts to listen to on some of her blogs.

To visit her blog, CLICK HERE.

Sun Power Lawn Care

Of course, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention our own blog. One thing that separates us from everyone else on this list is that we’re directly focused on the Gainesville area communities. And just like the other sites on this list, we also offer new tips, landscaping insights, and entertaining articles such as the best songs to mow your grass.

Of course, if you’re reading this, you’re already on our blog, so rather than send you back to our homepage, we thought we’d mention our other blog: Gainesville Holiday Lights. There we provide insight on how to have and maintain the best holiday light show in your neighborhood!

The 5 blogs a gardener should be reading AND MORE!

As we mentioned, we keep our blog up to date on a regular basis. It’s one of the featured sections on our website focused on serving the Gainesville area with our lawn services, landscape maintenance packages, and more.

Are you the type who doesn’t read a lot but knows you need to keep your lawn in tip-top shape? Then maybe it’s time to let the professionals handle it! Give us a call or request a free quote and we’ll show you how we can make your yard the talk of the town!

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