5 Types Of People Who Benefit From Quiet Lawn Care

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Ever been jarred awake on an early Saturday morning by the sound of a lawn mower roaring to life? It may seem like that noisy gasoline engine is just a fact of life in grassy neighborhoods. But thanks to electric-powered quiet lawn care equipment, there is a safer, healthier, more neighborhood friendly mowing alternative available to benefit the whole community.

Here at Sun Power Lawn Care, we believe everyone can benefit from our low-emissions, low-noise electric lawn care equipment. But we’ve noticed there are certain people who especially appreciate a quiet lawn care service for their work and home lives. Below, we’ve collected our top five – read on to find out if you’re one.

5 Types of People Who Benefit from Quiet Lawn Care

1. People Who Work from Home

If your home is your office, you know how often distractions can arise throughout the workday. A noisy lawnmower in your backyard is the last thing you need while trying to call clients or meet deadlines. Quiet, electric equipment means that you won’t have to compromise your own productivity and sanity just to get your lawn care done.

2. Business Owners

Whether you run a retail shop, a doctor’s office, a startup, or any other kind of business, you want your customers and clients to be as comfortable as possible. The people inside your business won’t hear electric yard equipment outside, so you won’t have to rearrange your agenda around your lawn care service or risk disturbing a professional environment. If your business has waiting rooms, dressing rooms, or meeting spaces, you will especially appreciate the distraction-free service that quiet lawn care can provide.

3. Stay at Home Parents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has tied prolonged exposure to loud noises to hearing loss in children and adolescents. Quiet lawn care means that you can have a welcoming outdoor space to enjoy with your family, without worrying about compromising your child’s health. And when you finally get the kids to sleep and are about to take some well-earned me-time, you can count on electric lawnmowers and weed whackers not to disrupt you.

4. Educators

For educators, noisy disruptions outside mean wasted class time inside. From day care centers, to camps, to home school spaces and public schools, your students’ progress depends on their ability to concentrate throughout your lessons. Quiet lawn services will give you and your students a school space to be proud of without interrupting their educations.

5. People Who Work Nights

If you have a nocturnal work schedule, getting basic household tasks and errands accomplished can be difficult. When you’re up, many other businesses are off the clock, but when they’re available, you’re trying to sleep. Fortunately, a quiet lawn service can take care of your yard without disturbing your rest, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to take on the graveyard shift.


Every day on the job, we meet new people who enjoy sustainable, quiet lawn care for their home and professional lives – and we know there are more out there. Sun Power Lawn Care has a team of electric lawn care experts who are available to discuss how neighborhood friendly mowing can benefit your own family, business, or community. For more information and a personalized conversation, you can reach us by clicking here.

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