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Electric Cars, Local Eats and Big Prizes at Gainesville’s GreenMan Fest   Recently updated !

How do you usually spend the week after Thanksgiving? Probably sleeping off your food coma, or cranking up the Christmas music, right? We’ve got a new idea for your routine this year. How about a weekend of live music, a holiday light show, and local food and eats—all at Gainesville’s […]

greenman festival


Winter Irrigation Tips to Save Water (and Money) on Gainesville, FL Lawns 1

  We’ve set the clocks back. Now it’s time to set our sprinklers back. Every November, Alachua County’s irrigation restrictions change to accommodate the winter’s slow plant growth. It’s crucial to ensure that your sprinkler or irrigation system is compliant with these restrictions and is working properly, in order to prevent fines, cut […]

Raw Sun Power Episode 12: Green Man Festival Giveaways and Trailer Troubles

  Welcome to episode 12 of Raw Sun Power! In this month’s episode, we cover some fun events that are on the horizon for our company—and a not-so-fun trailer crisis… The fun stuff: Green Man Festival We’re participating in the upcoming Green Man Festival in Gainesville. Local eco-conscious business owners, […]

green man festival