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What to Expect When The Lawn Care Team Arrives

lawn care what to expect

Who Are The Best Gainesville Lawn And Landscaping Companies? (Reviews/Ratings)

lawn service gainesville fl

Each year, our Sun Power Lawn Care team performs lawn and landscape maintenance visits to hundreds of households in the Gainesville area. Many of our clients know our thoughts and feelings towards lawn and landscaping (through this website) so often we are asked about our competition. We get questions about what other lawn care companies […]

Customer Care Focused – How Automated Payments Improved Our Business

          Nothing is more frustrating for a business or its customers than fighting the payment process. By offering automated payments, such as online or debit/credit card transactions, your business eliminates the hassle of mailing invoices, waiting for payment and sometimes never receiving payment. Our team, here at Sun Power Lawn Care, wants […]

Why does everyone have a lawn?

 First off, what is a lawn?        A quick google search states that a lawn is “an area of short mown grass in a yard, garden, or park.” Now, why do we put such importance on this area of short mowed grass in our yards, gardens or parks? Well, let’s picture the American […]

Pro Advice On Building A Successful Green Business

Pro Advice On Building A Successful Green Business

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of building a company while supporting the environment. But what does it take to run a successful green business? How are our challenges as green entrepreneurs unique? How can we run successful small businesses while staying focused on sustainability? When we were preparing to launch our electric lawn care business, […]