Little-known SECRET Exposed: Award-winning Flowers Possible!

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Lawn Service Consumer Guide

Have you ever seen the picture-perfect flowers at high-end apartment buildings and upscale commercial offices and wondered why yours don’t look as good?  

“I Don’t Understand…?”

Mary Jane stops by Home Depot, searches the store for the right color flower. She finds them in the last aisle, with bright purple petals that would be the perfect accent for her front yard. Mary purchases four flats (about 72 flowers), and hurries them home.

The next morning, small shovel in hand, Mary carefully and painstakingly plants the flowers, one by one, in perfect rows. One hour later, delighted with the result, Mary carefully waters her creation. Proud. Pleased. Her neighbors will be envious.

But as the weeks pass, her carefully planted joy turns to frustration.  Mary complains to her husband, “I don’t understand why these darn things won’t grow! Half of them look dead already!”

Have you ever felt this way about your flowers? Why do some high-end properties have such beautiful flowers while yours struggle?

9 Essential Steps to Flower Perfection

Flowers are more involved than most lawn care operators would have you believe. Few bother to follow the correct formula, but the results are worth it. This is the step-by-step procedure for healthy, great-looking flowers:

1) Identify previous disease that might have contaminated the soil (Pansies and Vinca are susceptible to soil-borne water mold fungus). 2) Remove previous flowers. 3) If a fungus is present or soil has not been recently changed; replace the soil. 4) Till soil and mix in soil amendments as appropriate. 5) Apply a high-quality fertilizer formulated for flowers directly to the bed and rake evenly. 6) Install the new flowers. 7) Wait one month, apply a water-soluble fertilizer to the flowers. 8) Add fertilizer once every 3-4 weeks during the growing period. 9) Remove dead flowers or bulbs as necessary to promote health. Proper watering is imperative. Consult a lawn care professional for advice. Instead of a water-soluble fertilizer you may use a granular product, but watch out! Granular fertilizers, though easier to apply and longer lasting, can easily burn the flower. Flowers

should be fertilized with a high-phosphorus fertilizer before they bloom.

“Neighbors Will Be Envious”

According to Andy Ward of Sun Power Lawn Care, “beautiful flowers require the homeowner and the lawn care company work together. The lawn care company must take the appropriate steps to install the flowers and the homeowner must follow watering guidelines and keep the flowers well fertilized.” If both parties do their job, Andy says “neighbors will be envious… they will wonder why you effortlessly have beautiful flowers while they struggle.”

One of the fastest-growing and most-respected full-service lawn companies in GNV, Sun Power Lawn Care, is currently offering clients an opportunity to enjoy professionally installed flowers at a special rate. This requires advanced sign ups, since Sun Power Lawn Care only offers flower installation four times per year. Sun Power Lawn Care can be reached at (352) 514-5890. They offer January, April, July, and October installs by appointment only. Place your name on the list before the 2020 schedule is full.

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