The Best Electric Leaf Blower: Sun Power Lawn Care’s Top Pick for Reliability

best electric leaf blower

Let’s start with the good news.

Sustainable choices for your home become easier all the time. These days, you could spend all day comparing environmentally friendly options at the hardware or garden store.

But… in a way, that’s also the bad news.

You could spend all day.

Even a simple errand like picking out the best electric leaf blower can be totally overwhelming.

So we’re doing the work for you. As a no-gas lawn care company serving North Central Florida, we use electric leaf blowers day-in, day-out. After trial and error, we’ve found the best electric leaf blower for our work—and for your home, too.

Note: our reviews are based solely on our experience as lawn care professionals. We have no partnerships with the companies mentioned.

Our Pick for Best Electric Leaf Blower

We choose: STIHL electric leaf blowers

What we use on job sites: STIHL’s commercial grade blower, powered by a backpack battery—the largest available. We also have smaller STIHL handheld electric blowers as backups.

What Stands Out About STIHL?

We were led to STIHL on the advice of a business in Jacksonville, who swore by these blowers. We were fresh off a frustrating experience with another brand, whose electric blowers kept breaking down.

After a few weeks and then months with our new STIHL, we could tell it was reliable and built to last.

And in our trade, durability is paramount. Equipment breakdowns plus the subsequent repairs or replacements have a huge effect on our bottom line. (STIHL also has a local supplier here in Gainesville, which is a big plus—shout-out to Sapps Saw and Mower for their support of electric lawn care and landscaping!)

For homeowners and renters, STIHL has just come out with a new product line that’s perfect for residential uses. This includes handheld electric- and battery-powered blowers. Their airflow is about 400 CFM (cubic feet per minute), which is the upper end of handheld blower power. More power means more fun and less work!

As a sustainable lawn care company, we’re always excited when products make non-polluting equipment accessible to the average person. Plus, since electric leaf blowers are much quieter than gas-powered ones, they reduce noise pollution around your home and community.

Quiet lawn care is especially valuable if you work from home, have young children at home, or just want to let your family sleep in on a Saturday morning while you tackle the to-do list.


Want to cross leaf blowing off your to-do list in just a few seconds? Contact Sun Power Lawn Care online or at (352) 507-5296 to schedule quiet, eco-friendly leaf removal.

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