What To Look For In A Sustainable Lawn Care Service

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With the right sustainable lawn care service, you can enjoy both a healthy, eye-catching yard and the satisfaction of lowering your carbon footprint. You want a service that can deliver high quality results with a low impact – but finding one might seem daunting if you’re not familiar with the equipment and practices that are necessary for green lawn care. Based on our experience in the industry, we’ve drawn up five key traits of a qualified sustainable lawn service that you can look for in potential hires. We hope this reference helps you find the right team.

5 Traits To Look For When Choosing A Sustainable Lawn Care Company

1. They Use Electric Equipment, Not Gas

We’re starting off with the most important aspect of any eco-friendly lawn care business. No sustainable lawn service can be run on gas mowers, due to the amount of fumes released into the air and spills inherent to the equipment. As we’ve noted before on this blog, the EPA estimates that up to 5% of all air pollution in the U.S. comes from gas-powered mowers. Look for electric-powered lawn services instead. Commercial grade electric riding mowers are becoming more common in the industry, and the increasing affordability of solar energy is helping to power them. If you own a commercial property, electric lawn care can even help you get LEED certified.

2. Their Team Is Trained In Green Practices

Dedicated training in sustainable lawn care practices means that a company’s employees are equipped to make eco-friendly decisions specific to your yard. Such training can include irrigation management, soil testing, and proper pest control. The relevant training program here in North Central Florida is the Green Industries Best Management Practices class. That program manual, which you can find online here, will give you a good idea of the skillsets your sustainable lawn service may be educated in.

3. They Cut The Grass Tall

It may seem like a small detail, but mowing height can have an important impact on the health and sustainability of your yard. Tall grass holds on to moisture longer than shorter grass does, meaning you can keep the sprinklers off for longer and conserve more water. If your yard has an irrigation system installed, remember that higher cuts also promote deeper roots, so you won’t need to keep that system running as often. If you use herbicide in your yard, tall grass can help you cut down on that, too, by blocking sunlight from weeds and stunting their growth. Ask your lawn service what height they cut grass to – you can use this list of optimal mowing heights as a reference. Here in North Central Florida, where many of our clients have St. Augustine grass, we cut to four inches.

4. They’re Willing To Weed

We’ve found that many eco-conscious clients like to keep their lawn care as natural as possible, meaning no chemical weed killing products. A sustainable lawn care company will accommodate this preference whether by hand weeding, using an electric-powered weed eater, or a combination of both.

5. They Mow When They’re Needed

A truly eco-conscious business will always be weighing value against waste. Look for a lawn service that shows up only when they’re needed, putting their resources to the best use. In most cases, this will mean cutting down on visits during colder months, when grass grows more slowly. You’ll likely find that it saves green in more ways than one: better for the earth, and better for your wallet.

Got more questions on sustainable lawn care services and landscaping? Sun Power Lawn Care has a team of electric lawn care experts ready with answers. For more information and a personalized conversation, you can reach us by clicking here.

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