Behind the Scenes: How an Eco-Friendly Lawn Care Company Starts the Day


Tom Snogles is the founder and owner of Sun Power Lawn Care, a Gainesville, FL-based electric lawn care business dedicated to quiet and sustainable service.

As the owner of an eco-friendly lawn care company, I get a lot of questions about how my business works.

Many people want to know whether our electric equipment is difficult to use or set up (no, not at all), while others just want to know if you can really run a business powered by solar panels (yes, definitely!).

Personally, I love that people are interested in sustainable efforts and green businesses. So I wanted to share a little behind-the-scenes video about what it takes to get our business geared up and ready for a day of work.

The video above shows a typical morning at Sun Power Lawn Care headquarters. We hope it helps dispel some of the mystery around solar-powered technology. We also hope it makes sustainable efforts in general seem more achievable to everyone.

It might surprise you to learn how quick and easy it is for our eco-friendly lawn care company to prep for the day. Although we’ve got some unusual equipment like lawn mower batteries and large solar panels, we’re usually ready to hit the road within about 20 minutes.

Here’s how it works:

Just as the sun is coming up, the team will meet at my garage, where our equipment and trailer sit overnight. Since we do a lot of equipment cleaning and prep work the night before, the mornings go smoothly.

We’ll load up our electric lawn mowers into the trailer, gather our solar-powered batteries, and confirm that they’re charged. Then we’ll discuss the day’s schedule as a team. (There are some things that are fun to do with pen and paper—scheduling is not one. When we switched to digital scheduling software, our morning planning got way more efficient.)

After that, we might spend some time discussing issues to look out for on upcoming job sites or special requests we’ve had from clients.

Once the whole team is up to speed, it’s time to hit the road and start kickin’ grass.


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