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We’ve set the clocks back – now it’s time to set our sprinklers back.

For smart lawn care in Gainesville, Florida during the winter, it’s crucial to make sure that your sprinkler or irrigation system is compliant with local regulations and working properly. By doing this, you’ll prevent fines and cut down your water bill, while saving water for our local springs and ecosystem.

Official Sprinkler Rules for Gainesville Lawn Care

Alachua County’s irrigation restrictions are determined by where you live. Here’s how to determine when you can irrigate on your property:

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These restrictions apply to wells, lakes, creeks, and city water (but not vegetable gardens, reclaimed water, micro-irrigation, and new landscapes for the first 60 days). You can find in-depth information about irrigation restriction regulations online here.

Tips for hassle-free irrigation and sprinkler compliance:

  • Put your system on an automatic timer, so you don’t have to remember when to turn it on and off.
  • Make sure that no spray zones are overlapping or over-watering certain areas.
  • Make sure you have a rainfall shut off device attached to your system, which will interrupt sprinkler cycles when there’s been enough rain.

Why the Restrictions?

Most grasses go dormant in the winter, so we don’t need to water them as much. Cutting down on irrigation during this season won’t compromise the health of your lawn, and it will prevent you from wasting water.

Here in Gainesville, most lawns with irrigation have St. Augustine grass – if that’s the case for your property, know that this type of grass goes dormant during the winter but still needs to be a bit damp throughout the season. Otherwise, the turf will become stressed, making it hospitable to bugs and potentially killing the grass.

It’s Not Just About Timing

As we bring our Gainesville lawn care services to local properties, we’ve often noticed that even if someone’s irrigation system is compliant with timing restrictions, it might still be wasting water.

Here are some of the most common issues we encounter:

  • Too much water spilling out of broken irrigation heads
  • Leaking irrigation pipes
  • Sprinkler sprays overlapping, over-watering certain areas
  • Sprinklers sending water to the sidewalk or side of the house

These problems add up. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, as much as 50 percent of outdoor water is wasted from inefficient watering methods and systems. So taking care of sprinkler and irrigation issues isn’t just an easy way to save money on your water bill – it’s also a commitment to building a more sustainable and healthy community, lawn by lawn. Think of it as a holiday present to your neighbors.

Not sure about the state of your irrigation or sprinkler system? Irrigation checks are an easy way to confirm that you’re compliant with Alachua County’s rules and not wasting any water. Sustainable Gainesville lawn care professionals can provide a comprehensive, personalized irrigation check for your yard.

Sun Power Lawn Care is currently offering a $20 discount on irrigation check services – enter your email below and we’ll be in touch to set up your discounted appointment shortly.

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