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Would you like to do something for your lawn that will significantly improve its health and beauty? Need to choke out weeds? Would you like to green up the lawn fast?

Core Aeration is the Answer.

The best lawns all share a secret: they are aerated annually. Aeration is not the sole factor in greening up a lawn. However, a balanced program of fertilization and weed control, proper watering practices and aeration will have a significant impact on your lawn.

The Secret … Exposed!

These are the five steps that will change the look and health of your lawn:

First, you must pre-emerge the lawn multiple times between early December and late April. Most weeds germinate during spring and fall. Pre-emergent will help prevent germination of new weeds.

Second, apply a post-emergent. A post-emergent is an herbicide that attacks existing weeds. It is best to spend the extra effort to spot-treat the individual weeds rather than spray the entire lawn.  Between now and May you want to attack any existing weeds.

Step three: core aeration. Your lawn needs water, oxygen and nutrients. Due to dry weather, foot traffic, and extreme temperatures, the roots and surface layer of your lawn will compact over time. Aeration loosens up compacted soil and allows more nutrients and oxygen to reach the root system. Doing so improves the life, health and fertility of the lawn. This will also help prevent the lawn from dying in extremely high and low temperatures.

Step four: fertilize. Correctly fertilizing your lawn will keep the grass thick. Only use a slow-release fertilizer; this ensures that minerals and nutrients are released over a period of time. This process improves growth, thickness, health and color.

Step five: lawn renovation. If your lawn is stressed and has suffered damage, you might consider applying organic, enriched compost. This will build up the health of your lawn so Nature’s microbes and earthworms can do their job. This additional top layer of organic soil will retain moisture and permit better absorption of rain and irrigation water. Do not assume fertilization is enough. Grass needs to be revitalized every few years.

Recommended Solution

Mow the lawn long, frequently. Aerate and fertilize at least once a year. Apply plenty of water. For those who enjoy yard work, many local do-it-yourself stores rent aeration equipment for approximately $85 per day, plus a small rental fee for a small trailer. The time and money spent will be worth it.

Until March 31st at 5:00pm, one of the fastest-growing and most-respected full-service lawn companies in GNV, Sun Power Lawn Care is offering clients the Spring Aeration service for $109 (average sized lawns). This investment represents a significant $20.00 savings off the regular rate.  This important service will only be performed during the month of April and requires a pre-confirmed appointment.

Appointments will only be accepted until March 31th. For those who miss this opportunity, an October appointment may be offered. Call Sun Power Lawn Care at (352) 507-5296 or email and request your spring Aeration. For a healthier lawn, call today.

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