5 Questions to Ask a Lawn Care and Maintenance Team Before You Hire

lawn care and maintenance

Hiring a lawn care and maintenance team doesn’t have to be a gamble.

All it takes are a few key questions to ensure you’re getting a responsible, qualified team that will give you a yard you’re proud of.

Based on our years of experience in the field, we’ve drawn up five questions to help you sort the best lawn care companies from the rest. We hope they help you find the right team for your property.

1. What insurance coverage does your company have?

Hire a lawn company without insurance, and you’re setting yourself up for huge headaches if anything goes wrong while they’re working. If a rock flies out from under the mower and hits your neighbor’s window—or worse, your neighbor—you could face a claim against your homeowner’s policy or even a lawsuit.

As expert Chris Vermeulen of King Insurance explained to us a while back, you should look for lawn companies with two coverages: general liability and workers’ comp.

General liability will protect you against property damage or injury claims like in situations described above. Workers’ comp will cover medical payments to any employees who get injured on the job.

2. What are your staff members’ qualifications?

A lawn company is only as good as its team on the ground. Make sure you’re hiring a company with trained, knowledgeable staff.

Here are some key qualifications to look for:

  • Completion of the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ course for herbicide and pesticide spraying
  • Familiarity with native and non-native plants in North Central Florida
  • Completion of the Green Industries Best Management Practices training

3. What services would my property need on a regular basis?

What you’re trying to avoid here is a “mow and go” company that doesn’t take a comprehensive approach to your yard.

A qualified lawn care and maintenance team will propose a range of service options, from leaf blowing to weed eating to irrigation support among others, depending on what your yard needs to thrive. They should of course also be able to explain why those services make sense for your particular property.

4. Do you adjust your lawn care and maintenance schedule seasonally?

Over the winter, grasses and many plants in Gainesville and North Central Florida go dormant, so your lawn care and maintenance team won’t need to visit as frequently as they do in the summer.

As a point of reference, Sun Power Lawn Care visits most residential properties weekly during the summer, and biweekly or less during the winter. If you have few or no trees on your property, you likely wouldn’t need much more than monthly visits for weeding and tidying during winter.

Seasonal scheduling not only ensures you’re getting your money’s worth, but also supports the environment by preventing waste.

5. Do you have a system for handling client requests?

Maybe you’re getting a new pet, so you want to switch to non-chemical weed control. Maybe you’ve noticed a leak in a sprinkler head that you need fixed.

Whatever your request is, you want to be sure it’s not just getting scribbled on a sticky note at your lawn company’s office. A qualified team will have a system in place to collect client requests and make sure everyone on the team has access to them.

Sun Power Lawn Care uses scheduling software that integrates client communication. That means our employees see all requests—and any other relevant information—as soon as they set foot on a job site.

The result is that clients can rest easy, knowing they’re getting just what they want.


Interested in lawn care and maintenance for your property? Contact Sun Power Lawn Care online or call (352) 507-5296 for a free estimate.

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