Noise noise noise! How do you reduce noise pollution in your home?

How does noise affect our lives? How do we reduce noise pollution?

Our society likes to talk a lot about environmental pollution, and with good reason. There is a definite crisis emerging, and it’s affecting everything from our health to our energy budgets and more. However, while this is something to focus on, another important consideration is noise pollution. For example, some headphone manufacturers have released new models with whats known as Active Noise Cancellation. This is great, and perfect for when youre on the go. But what about in your house? Today, we want to look at how to keep your home quiet.

Practically speaking, is there anything that can be done to lower the noise levels in your home? Those with kids might say no, but we actually have seven tips we think will go a long way in how to keep your home quiet.

Your insulation

Are you a work-from-home employee? If you said yes, then youre well aware of how distracting it can be to try and get work completed with tons of outside noise. However, while working from home has its benefits, it can also be a relatively loud place.

So if youre wondering how to keep your home quiet, the first thing youll need to look at is your home itself. Your insulation may have deteriorated, specifically, if you own an older home that hasnt been renovated. Older insulation was considerably less energy efficient. In addition, if your insulation is worn, it can let more noise from the outside into your home through your walls.

How can you solve this? Perform an energy audit. It can help pinpoint energy weak points, which may also reveal insulation problems.

How do we reduce noise pollution?

Seal it up

We also completely understand that this is a large undertaking, and not all homes will benefit from having an outside contractor review their insulation. However, there is another, much smaller step you can do today to keep your home quiet. And it also can help to reduce your energy footprint as well.

Were talking about sealing your window frames and door jams with caulk. That same energy audit can show you where youre losing precious cool air. As an added benefit, youll make your home more airtight, which can reduce the decibel levels throughout your house.

Adding decorations

Our first two tips on how to keep your home quiet were more focused on your homes structure. Now, lets look at something that will brighten your living areas while also reducing their noise levels. Have you ever spoken into a long tunnel, say at a nearby zoo, and heard a rebounding echo? Thats because your voice is echoing off of the smooth, undecorated walls.

Likewise, a room with minimal decorations will echo more. But, adding more fixtures such as picture frames, cabinets, and furniture will reduce this effect.

Thoughts on sound systems

Virtually everyone has an HDTV today. However, because those panels are so incredibly thin anymore, that also means that your TV has a relatively poor sound system built into it. If you cant hear whats being said by the actors on your favorite streaming show, it’s because many programs are mixed for a surround sound system.

Thats not a practical solution for everyone. So is there another way to keep your home quiet while watching TV? Consider a soundbar or a Bluetooth setup. Apple, for example, has an Airplay” option for its Apple TV set-top box. It can equally output sound to a HomePod mini next to you on an end table. Then, you can keep the volume lower while still hearing whats going on whenever watching a show or movie.

Take a look at your curtains

Our final home-based tip is to take a quick look at your curtains. Thinner curtains or low-end Roman shades might let more sound through. Thicker curtains can deaden some of the sounds and are our sixth tip on how to keep your home quiet.

benefits of an electric mower

Our biggest tip: buy an electric mower

However, our biggest tip for how to keep your home quiet is to buy an electric mower. Have you ever stood next to a Tesla or another EV and heard how incredibly quiet they can be? Now, imagine a gas-powered mower and were sure that you can hear how loud they are without much effort.

An electric mower is an excellent way to keep your home quiet, both indoors and out. It reduces distractions and causes less disruption within your neighborhood. Better yet, its also a two-fold method of reducing pollution. How exactly?

As an added bonus, an electric mower will also significantly help improve the air quality in and around your home. This means that electric mowers run quietly and put off less air pollution — practically none. This will drastically improve the health of everyone in your household as well as your neighborhood.

Other electric lawn equipment

As a final consideration for how to keep your home quiet this summer, think about your other lawn equipment. Gas-powered trimmers are equally as loud as gas-powered mowers. Swapping them out with electric variations can help to keep your home and yard quiet while equally reducing the amount of fuel youre utilizing.

How to keep your home quiet with Sun Power Lawn Care

The last two tips on how to keep your home quiet are focused on electric lawn care. Here at Sun Power Lawn Care, our company works exclusively as an electric lawn care company. From our landscape options to our ongoing service packages to emergency clean-up, were not just committed to reducing our collective carbon footprint.

Were also determined to reduce noise pollution as well. This is a great option for those suffering from any kind of sensitive health condition, but especially for those who may feel overwhelmed with how loud our world has become. It can also help you save time as you tend to your day-to-day routine and obligations.

Would you like to learn more about how to keep your home quiet with Sun Power Lawn Care? Then send us a message here requesting more information or give our sales team a call at 352-507-5296. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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