How Electric Mowing Services are Revolutionizing the Lawn Industry

How electric mowing services are revolutionizing the lawn industry

Electric mowing services are revolutionizing the lawn industry, but how exactly? After all, can using a lawn care company that utilizes electric-only equipment really have that big of an impact on a community? 

Yes, and the top five ways electric mowing services are revolutionizing the lawn industry are by reducing neighborhood noise, reducing pollution, community involvement, consistent pricing, and bettering employee health.

Reduced noise

2020 brought a major change to the business world: everyone is working from home more regularly. While prior to 2020, there may have been one or two households with a telecommuter, today almost every office worker has at least 1 day (if not more) at home.

When there’s a loud landscaper in the neighborhood, it can affect lots of things. During a conference call, nothing is more disruptive than the sound of a gas-powered mower operating outside, especially if it’s by a home office window.

And of course, many schools shifted to mixed schedules which include school-from-home days. Kids need to be able to concentrate on their studies, but when a gas power mower fires up next to their workspace, it’s incredibly distracting for them.

With electric mowing services, entire communities can be nearly as quiet during the day as they are overnight. They create a serene, peaceful community to live, work, and study in.

Plus, they help to reduce animal stresses. Gas-powered mowers and trimmers can actively disrupt nearby wildlife, especially in communities near lakes or nature preserves.

None of these are a concern with electric mower services!

electric lawn mowing is quiet

Reducing pollution

Did you know that all gasoline-powered push and riding mowers lack a catalytic converter? This is a cost-savings measure that manufacturers take, but it also contributes to two of their biggest problems: inefficiency and pollution. In general, gas engines, on the whole, are comparatively less efficient and use more energy than their electric counterparts. This is especially true with weed eaters, hedge trimmers, and leaf blowers as the way they’re built adds considerably more carbon emissions and harmful pollutants to the environment than their electric counterparts. 

Push mowers are equally bad for everyone’s well-being. Comparatively speaking, they add more pollution to the atmosphere than a typical 4 person vehicle. Per the EPA, each year a single push mower adds 88 pounds of CO2 and 34 pounds of other pollutants into the air. In fact, 1 gas-powered mower running for 60 minutes puts out as much pollution as 10 sedans. Taking it a step further, gasoline-powered lawn care collectively sends 13 billion pounds of pollutants into the atmosphere yearly.

Electric mowing services use a tenth of the energy over the same time span and create no exhaust emissions — period. If, as a society, we replaced all gas-powered equipment with electric counterparts, it would be as if we took 2 million cars off of the road. Do you remember all of the talk in 2020 about cleaner air due to reduced travel? Switching to electric mowing services can have a similar effect. Simply put, they’re far more efficient than their gas-powered counterparts, reducing pollution while maximizing energy consumption.

Community involvement

Across the Gainesville region, doctors, nurses, and other essential workers are logging long hours to keep our community healthy and moving. If they work overnight hours, nothing can jolt them out of bed faster than a loud weed whacker right outside of their window. Communities should strive to do whatever they can to make their resident medical professionals’ lives easier. By using electric mowing services, communities can minimize neighborhood sound intrusions.

Plus, from time to time cities will issue air quality alerts, encouraging residents to fill up during different times of day and to avoid mowing the grass at certain hours in order to minimize carbon emission output. Elderly individuals, those with asthma, or those who have general heart and lung issues are all particularly sensitive to carbon emissions during days like that. With an electric mower, there isn’t any concern about carbon output as the grass can be mowed at any time without worrying about contributing to community air quality.

Also, virtually every homeowner out there wants their yard to look good. With an electric-powered mower, there’s no worry about gas spills affecting lawn health or appearance. The turf is simply cleaner and more beautiful looking!

Consistent pricing

In many cases, as gas prices rise so will lawn care maintenance contracts. Typically, a clause in those agreements will allow for unexpected rises in fuel costs to be passed on to the consumer. 

However, with an electric mowing service company, this is not a problem. Because the mowers don’t use gas, prices are fixed. Also, do you remember earlier when we mentioned gas spills? That, too, can lead to inconsistent pricing.  

There’s no need to worry about that though with an electric mowing service!

Improves employee healthelectric lawn care benefits employees and lawn care

Finally, let’s talk about the employees who work for the lawn care company for a minute. First, let’s focus on their mental health. There is something mentally stressful about listening to the sound of a gas-powered mower all day long. Many lawn care workers will wear earmuffs, which can be incredibly hot in Florida summers. 

As far as their physical health, lawn care technicians who wear ear protection do so because of the danger to their hearing if they don’t. This isn’t a problem with electric mowers, which are also lighter and easier to use. 

Plus, we all know what a gasoline-powered mower smells like. Quite frankly, it’s annoying. On top of that, gasoline exposure is a real health threat. Employees who smell gas fumes, or even get it on their skin, on a regular basis can lead to health issues such as:

  • Sick days as a result of overexposure;
  • Significant healthcare bills from doctors visits and hospitalizations;
  • And the risk for cancer or other long-term health risks.

With electric mowing services, none of these health concerns are even a consideration.

How does this benefit communities? That’s the best part: a happy, healthy employee will do a better job. Why? Because of increased job satisfaction, they do a better job which means the lawns of everyone who uses an electric mower service will look amazing!

Sun Power Lawn Care is a fully electric mower service company!

We believe in the value of everything we’ve talked about today. We know how much of a difference this can make in a community, how much quieter electric mowing services are, how much easier it is to budget, and how big of an impact it makes in our employee’s lives.

Interested in learning more about our services? Contact us for a free quote!


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