Mowing High… And Why! Three Magic Reasons to Keep Grass Tall

how high to cut grass


Tom Snogles is the founder and owner of Sun Power Lawn Care, a Gainesville, FL-based electric lawn care business dedicated to quiet and sustainable service.

One of the most common questions I get as a lawn care professional is how high to cut grass for a beautiful but healthy yard.

The answer will depend on the specific type of grass on your property, but generally speaking, it’s important to keep your grass tall—perhaps taller than you might expect.

In the video above, we’ll show you the benefits of cutting your lawn tall, plus a tip for getting the optimal grass height.

Video Transcript:

Good day, I’m Tom Snogles with Sun Power Lawn Care, bringing you “Mowing High, and Why: The Three Magic Reasons.” Plus, one tip right at the end.

Number one. Green blades produce the food that grass needs to grow, survive, and fight off bugs and diseases. So the longer your blade is, the more photosynthesizing it can do.

Number two. The longer the blade is, the more it keeps the sunlight from hitting the ground. [Too much sun] dries out the soil, which then dries out the roots. That means you have to irrigate more. Let’s use less water, which costs less, and as populations grow we can keep an eye on water usage and not have to worry about our springs. Let’s mow our grass high. Easy.

Number three is weeds. If there’s sunlight getting down to the soil then they can germinate. There’s hundreds, thousands, even hundreds of thousands of weed seeds just laying under this grass right now waiting for that sunlight and a bit of moisture to hit it. Which then the grass is competing against the weeds. Keep your grass cut high—just solves so many problems.

And a tip I’ve got for you today is that St. Augustine, which we generally cut a lot, we cut it between 4” and 4 3/4” during the summer. Other grasses like Behia you can bring down a bit to a 3” cut, and Centipede, Bermuda have different height requirements. You can check out the UF IFAS site online for mowing height and it’ll be able to give you lots of mowing heights.

Thank you for watching. Once again I’m Tom Snogles with Sun Power Lawn Care—where we mow grass but don’t use gas.


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