How Often Should I Clear Leaves Off Of My Lawn?

How often should I clear leaves off of my lawn?

Is there anything quite as gorgeous as leaves that have recently changed color with a beautifully landscaped lawn? Of course, leaves changing their color also signifies that they’re going to start falling soon. That, in turn, forces homeowners to ask themselves, “how often should I clear leaves off of my lawn?” 

The simple answer is, “it varies.” To explain why let’s look at why it matters and some methods of removal. 


Breathing 101


Take a deep breath right now. Hold it for a couple of seconds. 

Okay, now release your breath. Did you feel the need to release the air? Naturally, yes. So how does this apply to your lawn?

Believe it or not, your grass also needs to breathe. If you remember from elementary school, plants take carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with the oxygen we breathe. To stay healthy, grass also needs to breathe. 

Of course, in this case, we’re talking more than just the exchange of CO2 and O2. Going a bit deeper, the more leaves that are left on your lawn the more you’ll see an increase in pests. Water and nutrients also can’t get past a thick layer of fallen leaves, so your grass will eventually die if leaves are left on it long term.


Methods of leaf removal


Today, we’re going to look at 4 methods of removal. Mind you, the method you use will depend on the tools you have and the amount of time you’re willing to invest. 


Rake & tarp


The first method simply uses a standard, old fashioned rigid rake. Using your muscle power, you’ll simply rake your yard. We recommend sticking with a smaller 30-36 inch fan so that it can get between shrubs easier. 

Some homeowners will rake them across their entire yard to the curb for collection, though a shortcut is to have a giant tarp laid out in your backyard. Rake your leaves to the tarp, then tie them up and drag the tarp to the curb for collection.


leaf blowers make leaf removal much easierBlower


Another option is to blow the leaves across your yard. Admittedly, this is a less accurate way of pushing your leaves from one place to the next, as you can’t control where they land. But, it is a less physical way of getting your leaves off of your lawn.




The third option is to use a yard vacuum. While more expensive than other tools, this has the advantage of shredding your leaves for you so they can be used as mulch or in your compost pile.




“How often should I clear leaves off of my lawn?” Well, how often do you mow the grass? If you mow every 4-5 days, or even weekly, you’ll be able to stay on top of leaf removal pretty easily.


Pros and Cons of mowing


So, is mowing the best method? Naturally, mowing is easy. It’s killing two birds with one stone: cutting your grass and shredding your leaves. Also, mowed leaves can make excellent fertilizer for your lawn.

But there’s a big concern with mowing: how many leaves fell with that last wind gust? We’ve seen trees lose all of their leaves with a single fall storm. Mowing that many leaves over at one time just isn’t healthy for your grass.

Likewise, as grass growth slows you may need to mow the lawn more than is necessary if mowing is your only method of leaf removal.


The answer to our question “how often should I clear leaves off of my lawn?”

Aesthetically, you might want to remove them more often than is absolutely necessary. A well-kept yard is the pride and joy of many homeowners. 

Earlier, we said it varies as to how often you should clean up your leaves. As a good rule of thumb, as leaves fall, look at your lawn objectively. If you can still see more grass than leaves, you’re probably okay waiting another day or two. However, if it’s starting to feel like your lawn is made up of leaves instead of grass, it’s probably a good time to use one of the above methods to clear them off of your lawn.


The easiest solution: contact Sun Power Lawn Care!


It’s a lot of work to clear leaves, and sometimes the easiest solution is to contact the professionals. Here at Sun Power Lawn Care, our Prestige Package will work with you to clear the leaves off of your lawn using the best schedule for your specific situation. We also have landscape clean-up options that may work better for you.

In the end, there’s only one way to find out: contact us for a free consultation. Let us know what kind of service you’re looking for and we’ll develop the best lawn care plan to meet your needs!


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