How To Prepare Your Yard For A Hurricane

How to prepare your yard for a hurricane

Peak hurricane season is right around the corner. For many in our region, in addition to preparing their homes, they also want to make certain their pro-looking yards are ready for the coming storm. If you’ve ever wondered how you can prepare your yard for a hurricane, then the 10 tips in this blog are for you.


Start preparing in spring

We know that spring is long past, but this is a tip to always keep in mind — especially earlier in the year. As you’re making your landscaping plans for the upcoming season, keep in mind what you plant and where. In fact, early planning is one of the best ways to prepare your yard for a hurricane!


Newly planted trees, bushes, and shrubs should be planted in such a way that they can withstand the winds associated with hurricanes.


Prepare your trees and shrubs

Likewise, another great way to prepare your yard for a hurricane is to consider the types of trees and shrubs you have in your yard and prune them accordingly. As with springtime landscaping prep, you’ll want to pick the right kind of trees that are able to withstand hurricanes. Look for labels such as “Florida Fancy”, otherwise known as Grade 1. Then, as you or your landscape company prune them, keep in mind the type of winds they’ll face during hurricane season.


Mow the grass in advance

With hurricanes typically come torrential downpours. Another great way to prepare your yard for a hurricane is to mow the grass a day or two before the storm is expected to hit. If you don’t, your grass can end up being far taller than is ideal once the ground dries out enough to mow.


Turn off your yard irrigation

For a number of reasons, you’ll want to be sure your lawn irrigation system is turned off before the storm hits. First, you’re not going to need any kind of watering for a little while after the storm hits. Second, there could be some safety-related issues with a system that gets left on, ranging from power surges to adding even more water to a potentially already soaked yard. Furthermore, active sprinkler systems during a hurricane can put undue stress on the entire water system for your community or neighborhood.


17 indoor gardening ideas – how to start herbs, vegetables and more plants inside | Real HomesTake potted plants inside

First and foremost, it isn’t likely your potted plants will stay standing during a hurricane. So to prevent their destruction, bringing them inside your garage or into a shed is always a good idea. From a safety perspective, any potted plant can lead to broken terracotta throughout your or your neighbor’s yard. When you’re in the middle of cleanup, this will only add to your stress.


Put away all patio furniture

Patio furniture may be heavy, but it can still get flipped on its side during a heavy storm. This is especially true if you have a backyard patio table with a glass top. Although some hurricane cleanup is relatively straightforward, patio tables can and will shatter into a literal thousand pieces if they get flipped over. Trust us, this is not something you want to deal with! Likewise, your patio furniture itself will likely break if left out during a hurricane — or worse, cause damage on someone else’s property.


Take other loose items into storage

In addition to your potted plants and patio furniture, anything loose such as children’s toys, lawn decorations, signage, bird feeders, compost bins, garbage cans, and grills should all be secured inside of your shed or garage. It’s also a good idea to remove your propane tank from your grill and keep it in a separate place, such as a detached shed (specifically any building not attached to your primary housing structure).


Clean out your gutters

Over the course of the storm, you’re going to experience quite a bit of rain. The last thing you want is to add to your water woes due to an overloaded gutter system. Grab a ladder and climb on up to do two things:


  • Clean them out;
  • And use a water hose to flush the downspouts.


This is a great chance to test the system to make certain that everything flows properly, there are no major blockages, and that you won’t have a waterfall off of one side of your house during the storm.


Check nearby storm drains and your curbclear out storm drains

An often-overlooked way to prepare your lawn for a hurricane, and not one that typically would fall to “your” responsibility is to look at the nearby storm drains and curbs by your property. While the city will likely be by at some point to clear them if you see any debris blocking them right now (such as downed tree branches) go ahead and throw them in your debris pile. The worse thing that could happen is an early storm and the city employees not having a chance to get to your street before the storm hits.


Likewise, is your curb by your sidewalk clear of debris? If not, why not take some time to clear this out right now too? It can help prevent the storm drains from backing up.


Cover your HVAC unit

Our final tip to prepare your yard for a hurricane is to cover your HVAC unit. It’s not necessarily your “yard” but trust us, when the humidity peaks after an intense storm, while you’re cleaning your yard up you’re going to want someplace cool to rest. A busted AC unit will do you no good in the midst of a Florida heatwave!


Prepare your yard for a hurricane with Sun Power Lawn Care

Of course, one of the best ways to prepare your yard for a hurricane is to partner with the team here at Sun Power Lawn Care. We’ve been helping homeowners with all of their lawn care needs since 2014. We’ll make sure you have all of the tools and resources you need so you can properly prepare your yard for a hurricane this season. Contact us today to see how we can help!


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