Hurricane Season: How A Professional Lawn Service Can Help.

What Happens To The Lawn Service After A Hurricane

Living in Florida means a couple of things: beautiful, clear skies, gorgeous white sand beaches, tourists, and the chance for the occasional hurricane. Today, were going to dive into the things that should happen with your lawn service after a hurricane. There are several things youll need to keep in mind as you return to your home and start the clean-up process and what well do to help make it easier for you.

First, what to do before a hurricane hits

In the past, weve talked about the steps that you should take before a hurricane hits your home. While this blog will mainly cover what happens after a hurricane, we wanted to give you a handy checklist of things to remember before the hurricane arrives.

After all, preparation is key. As we mentioned in that blog, preparation for hurricane season begins in the spring. Mostly in the form of keeping a mental list of what you planted and where.

Now, you may not be able to prevent everything but taking steps beforehand can keep you from dealing with an even bigger nightmare. First things first, you should always have emergency supplies and service provider contact numbers handy.

And most importantly, know what your insurance will cover ahead of time. Theyre sure to be swamped with calls after the storm rolls through so knowing what your plan covers will help expedite the recovery process.

Before the weather turns, you should bring potted plants indoors. Anything that could become a projectile will either need to be attached to something sturdy or moved indoors as well. Make sure your outdoor equipment, vehicles, and generator are gassed up and ready to go. The last thing you want is to be out of gas with no way to get it.

Finally, keep a checklist of items to stock up on so that your emergency preparedness doesnt feel like a mad dash. Its important to make certain youve stocked up on things like toilet paper and bottled water, so write them on your list even if you think youre good to go with them. You can never have too much on hand, trust us!

Basic clean up

Basic Hurricane clean up

Now, let’s dive into the meat and potatoes of this blog today: what happens to lawn service after a hurricane?

Were Florida residents ourselves, and as the regions lawn care experts, were well versed on the little, often-overlooked things with your lawn care.

After a hurricane, our team will come to your property and take inventory of what needs to be done. Sometimes, this is just a simple clean-up. We will remove all loose twigs and smaller branches from the area. Each of these can play havoc with your (or our) lawn mowing equipment — its never a good idea to just mow them over. Removing them from your yard is your best bet.

For those living out of the area

Many of our customers are those who own property that they rent or lease out. Others are seasonal residents who only live here for part of the year.

In either case, both snowbirds and Airbnb owners likely already have a lawn service company in place. Contacting them is essential right after a storm. The lawn service company can get to the property much faster than the owner and assess any damage. They can handle cleaning up twigs and other organic debris. They can also take pictures of the property for the homeowner. Both for peace of mind as well as establish a game plan of what to do next.

We offer lawn care service contracts that are perfect for situations like these. An agreement such as this means that we can also help you make contact with other service providers to take care of any damage and ensure all drainage locations are unobstructed by displaced mulch or debris.

Plants, trees, and brushes

Your lawn service provider will also take care of smaller hedges and brushes, trimming them as appropriate. You dont want to leave damaged or injured plant life unattended. Plants that have torn leaves or broken stems should be managed right away.  Smaller bushes and hedges that have been impacted by the storm should be trimmed too.

As sometimes happens with hurricanes, there can be fallen limbs or uprooted trees. For bigger tree situations such as these, we can refer you to a tree trimming service so that you can get it taken care of efficiently.

Mulch related issues

Mulch-related issues

Mulch is an issue that sometimes needs to be addressed after a hurricane. From mulch that has been unwillingly relocated to your yard to big gaps in your flowerbeds, well help you get these areas cleaned up and looking pristine once again. Mulch-related concerns sometimes are a water draining issue, which brings us to our next point…

Flooding mitigation

…and thats taking care of your yard in such a way that repeat flooding stops being a concern. Sometimes, the excessive rains from a hurricane will lead to pools of water throughout your yard. If this is a recent issue, or you see it happening with normal rains, well refer you to a service provider who can help you figure out how to implement paper drainage solutions for your home.

Sun Power Lawn Care is here for your lawn service after a hurricane

Simply put, for our ongoing customers, we dont ask many questions. We just come clean up. We know that you are ready to get your life put back together. It is our goal to assist you in doing that and taking your yard maintenance off your plate.

For those going it solo for their ongoing maintenance, we also put together a handy checklist for the 7 tasks youll need to do after a hurricane. However, the easiest way to deal with lawn service after a hurricane is to contact our team for ongoing lawn maintenance services. Well set up a package to meet your needs and keep your lawn looking immaculate all year long. Interested in learning more? Then contact us today for a free quote!

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