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Mulch Service In Gainesville

Highlight landscape features, suppress weeds, or enjoy the pine bark fragrance. Whatever your reason, our mulch can do it.

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We have a professional team ready to do the measuring and provide you a quote within days of your inquiry. The quote is comprehensive from supplying the mulch to installing it and making sure everything is neat and tidy afterward.

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We have 4 kinds of mulch to make your place look great.

  • Pine Bark Nuggets – has an appealing dark color, is long-lasting, and enriches your soil. It is often a requirement from the Home Owners Association which makes it our most popular option.
  • Shredded Cypress – offers a light color and fresh smell. It is long-lasting with a bonus of naturally repelling insects and fungi.
  • Pine Needles – give your home a rustic natural appearance. This mulch is naturally acidic which is great for some plants such as azaleas who prefer acidic soil. Pine needles are great for slopes or runoff spots because they tend to hold their ground in heavy rain.
  • Playground – This is our safest option. It is meant for the kid’s play pit and schoolyard. Schools are required to have this kind of mulch on the playground.

How Much Do You Need?

If this is your first time installing mulch we recommend 2-3 inches in the areas of your choosing. Then just reapply 1 inch every year to keep your place looking great.

When To Mulch.

We offer mulching year-round. However, we find the best time to lay down mulch is January or February unless you are laying mulch around trees. Then we recommend March or April. Leaves should be done falling and we can do some spring cleaning before laying down the mulch.


Mulch has many benefits to add to your home:

  • Excellent frame for a finished looking yard
  • Protects plants from fluctuating temperatures
  • Prevents weeds
  • Fresh fragrance
  • Less money on irrigation

Save your time by hiring us today to supply and install mulch to your Gainesville, FL home.