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Green, lush, soft, need we say more? Create a space for childhood memories.

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Give your lawn a healthy new start with sod installation.

New sod quickly restores baron useless patches of grass to a lush green lawn. By choosing a qualified professional who will ensure proper installation, you can rest easy that you’re protecting the value of your yard.

Sun Power Lawn Care offers sod installation alongside irrigation checks or regular maintenance, or as a standalone service. We consult with each client regarding best practices to acclimate new turf and help it stay healthy long-term.

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St. Augustine




  1. St. Augustine – can tolerate heat and humidity and has a tolerance for partial shade. St. Augustine establishes quickly and easily. It is broad-bladed and medium-green in color. This grass does not withstand high-traffic areas well. Regular human or pet paths may require stepping stones or a sidewalk.
  2. Zoysia –  is deep green in color and soft-textured. Its soft feel and pleasant appearance invite you to leave your shoes behind to play on its plush collection of densely packed blades. It welcomes a variety of activities without showing extensive wear and tear.
  3. Bermuda – has a deep root system that allows it to withstand wear and tear. Bermuda loves hot weather and is relatively easy to maintain. Its resilience is great for outdoor activities and family fun. Tolerates drought conditions well by going dormant instead of dying off.
  4. Bahia –  is a good all-purpose grass that thrives in full sun. It also has the ability to survive periods of drought by going dormant. It is a relatively low-maintenance grass with few insect problems.

When To Lay Sod.

We offer sod installation year-round. However, the best time to lay sod is in the spring because warm-season grasses such as zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine become dormant in the winter. In the spring they root quickly and get a whole season to acclimate before the stresses of winter. The second-best time to lay sod is in late summer and early fall when temperatures are cooler, but grass continues to grow. Sod cannot be installed during frost periods.


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  • No need to wait for seeds to sprout
  • Fill in unsightly bare patches on your lawn
  • Get the grass that suits your needs instantly

Save your time and money by investing in sod. You are moments away from a spectacular lawn.

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