Lawn care for the busy professional – Automate the lush lawn

Lawn care for the busy professional - Automate the lush lawn

We get it — you’re busy. From taking the kids to soccer practice to running errands to grocery pick-up, you have a ton on your plate. As a busy professional, maintaining a professional-looking lush lawn sometimes falls to the bottom of our to-do lists. If only there was a shortcut to lawn care made easy, right?

Actually, there is, and today we want to dive into 6 ways to automate the lush lawn. 

A professional, lush lawn

Have you ever wondered how you can have a professional, lush lawn? What is the secret to successful yet easy lawn care? 

Automation. It starts with automated lawn care, which includes a regular mowing schedule, proactive trimming, and a little bit of smart technology. We’ll unpack that last one in a minute, so let’s look at the first two in a bit more detail.

Mowing the grass more frequently, with the mower deck raised slightly higher than you might think, is the first step to a professional, lush lawn. Grass is healthier when it’s longer as the increased blade length forces the roots to work harder. Rather than get a drink from the morning dew or rain, they dig deeper to find below-ground sources of water.

Of course, if you wait too long to mow the grass, it can actually slow you down. A consistent mowing schedule will help maximize your time and your lawn’s health.

In addition, heavy trimming takes time. Your bushes and smaller trees, if left unattended, can be overwhelming when you finally tackle them. Trimming them more often, on a regular schedule, will again minimize the overall time you spend on them.

Automate your irrigation schedulesun power lawn care irrigation repair maintenance

Now, let’s dive into the third component of automated lawn care: irrigation. Watering your lawn using a water hose is a slow, tedious process. It also requires you to be physically present each time the lawn needs to be irrigated. In addition, you should never water the lawn during the hottest part of the day. This means you have a relatively short window to make this happen.

As a busy professional, there’s no guarantee this will fit into your schedule. That’s where working with an irrigation company comes into play. They can install sprinklers in your lawn that you control via timers. Or, if they’ve taken the step into smart technology, even allow you to control them from your smartphone.

In other words, you should never have to worry about watering the lawn again once you’ve developed an automation schedule. And, with smart controls in the palm of your hand, you can easily start and stop the system with a few quick presses.

Use mulch

Flower beds and landscaping take time to turn into landscaping masterpieces. Weeds can quickly take over your gardens if left unattended. However, as a busy professional, there’s no guarantee you’ll even have the time to pull the weeds that invade your yard.

Our next quick lawn care tip requires a bit of work up front but will pay off dividends later. Use mulch. The secret to easy lawn care, specifically with your flower beds and landscaping, is to eliminate the ability for weeds to grow in the first place. Plus, with mulch in place, you won’t have to use any harmful chemicals or weed killers to maintain that professional, lush lawn you’re aiming for. Instead, the mulch you lay will keep weeds at bay — and give your gardens a nice color contrast too.

mean green zero turn mowerBuy a zero-turn lawnmower

Earlier, we talked about mowing more frequently. This might sound a bit counterintuitive to saving time, but hear us out. Can we say it again? The secret to easy lawn care, this time with your yard itself, is with a zero-turn lawnmower. If you’re too busy to do lawn maintenance, the answer is to mow faster.

Zero-turn mowers make for a quick lawn care experience. And again, be sure to raise your mower deck a step or two higher than usual. With the speed of a zero-turn lawnmower, you may even forget that you had to mow yesterday!

Contact a lawn treatment company

Sometimes, you need outside assistance. Whether your lawn has missing or brown patches, heavy thatch, or excessive weeds, a lawn treatment company will help with your lawn care made easy goals. 

First, they can identify the source of your problems — it may be as simple as aerating your lawn to remove dead organic material. Brown or dead patches may be a result of the wrong pH balance. In any case, they’ll identify the root cause first and help you come up with a solution to prevent it from happening again.

Work with a lawn maintenance company

We know that your ultimate goal is to figure out the quickest way to have a professional, lush lawn. In many cases, the best solution is to partner with a lawn maintenance company. Let’s look at each of our tips one by one and how they can help.


The reality is you may not have the time to worry about setting up an irrigation schedule. Trimming the bushes and trees on your property may be the last thing on your mind. They can take the burden of both of these off of your plate.

Mowing frequency

Most lawn care packages are designed with grass blade length in mind. They’ll mow as frequently as need be to ensure you have that beautiful, talk-of-the-town lawn.


Don’t have time to lay mulch? No sweat — that’s what they’re for. They’ll ensure your flower beds are properly weeded and covered with the best-looking mulch for your home.


Finally, dead areas, excessive thatch, and soil health are all a part of a robust lawn maintenance package. They’ll tackle the problems you don’t have time to.

Too busy to do lawn maintenance? Let Sun Power Lawn Care help!

easy automated professional lawn care service

Our team is the expert in turning a good-looking yard into a professional, lush lawn that’ll be the envy of your neighbors. We specialize in lawn care made easy with our electric equipment, friendly staff, and reliable service. We’ll help you automate your irrigation schedule, make sure your mulch is well aerated, and ensure that your lawn is as healthy as can be. 

Would you like to learn more about how we can help? Just fill out our short contact form and we’ll be in touch soon for your free consultation!

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