Last-Minute Lawn Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Parties and BBQs

lawn maintenance tips for outdoor parties

Use these last-minute lawn maintenance tips for outdoor parties so you can get straight to chillin’ and grillin’.

Hamburgers and hot dogs: check.

Cooler full of beers: check.

Party-ready yard: wait a minute…

Don’t stress—we’ve got you covered.

While regular lawn maintenance is ideal for a beautiful lawn year-round, even the worst procrastinators can prep for summer weekends with these last-minute lawn maintenance tips for outdoor parties.

Here’s how to quickly get your yard trim, fresh, and ready for guests before July 4th—or any other party that sneaks up on you.

5 Last-Minute Lawn Maintenance Tips for Outdoor Parties

1. Clean All Edges Around Your Property

Sometimes, the smallest details can have the biggest impact.

Cleaning the edges around your plant beds and lawn can have a much more striking visual effect than you might anticipate. It’s a really quick way to give your yard a refined, inviting look.

Be sure to use a weed eater around your property lines, the edges of your plant and flower beds, along your driveway, and anywhere else there’s a boundary of some sort in your yard.

If you use mulch in your yard, put down a fresh layer to create clean edges.

2. Put Down Grass Protection Mesh

Here’s a last-minute technique to protect your yard from damage during your party.

Grass protection mesh is a lightweight but durable material that will diffuse the weight from heavy objects like your grill or lawn furniture. They’ll also help prevent ruts or tears in the grass.

You can also put mesh down in areas that will get heavy foot traffic to prevent compaction in your lawn.

Grass protection mesh comes in different sizes and strengths. Aim for something more heavy-duty if you’re going to be having cars parking anywhere on your yard.

3. Schedule a Mow

Don’t forget the obvious stuff! Make sure to get your grass mowed before your party so your guests will be comfortable hanging out on the lawn.

You can also ask your lawn service to do some leaf blowing on your property and remove any debris, if necessary.

4. Don’t Invite Mosquitos

Nothing can end a party quicker than a swarm of hungry mosquitos.

To make your yard unappealing to these pests, make sure to remove any standing water you have outside as soon as possible. These are mosquito breeding grounds.

Check your watering cans, empty plant potters, grill cover and more for collected water.

Next, put down citronella candles and be sure to have bug spray on hand for your guests!

You can get a full rundown of summer mosquito prevention techniques here.

5. Sign Up for Regular Lawn Maintenance

Don’t want to do all this at the last minute again next season? Sign up for a regular lawn service and you’ll get a beautiful lawn all year without the hassle.

A quality lawn care company will provide mowing and weeding plus additional services you may need for your property, such as irrigation maintenance, shrub and tree pruning and more.

So instead of stressing out about your yard when your next party rolls around, you can concentrate on what’s important: spending time with friends and family.


If you really want to commit to the long-term health of your yard (and your community as a whole), consider going green with your lawn care. Electric services like Sun Power Lawn Care will maintain your grass and plants without a drop of gas, substantially lowering your carbon footprint. Contact Sun Power Lawn Care online or at 352-507-5296 for a free quote.

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