Landscape Clean Up

If mother nature is reclaiming territory on your property a landscape clean up is the best choice for you. Hedges, weeds, long grass, we have you covered.


What can be included:

Mowing – Hedge Cutting – Prune Shrubs – Weeding – Leaf Clearing – Pull Vines

Reduce Hedges – Trim Trees – Remove Debris


Wether your grass is knee high, or just needs a trim, you can have a property that you’re proud of while having more time with family and friends. No sweat. Our staff are trained to support the long-term health of every property we maintain.

Hedge Cutting/Prune Shrubs:

Hedge cutting keeps your property looking fresh and inviting by preventing overgrowth and helping to maintain clean lines in your landscaping. But it also has several other benefits that may surprise you.Shrubs are notorious for damaging home exteriors by holding moisture near the siding or trim, so regular pruning helps prevent this headache. There are even home security benefits to this as well, since overgrown hedges near windows can invite burglars. Hedge pruning also allows sunlight to reach smaller plants, ensuring more lush, vibrant landscaping across your property. Common shrubs in Gainesville, FL that we work with are Loropetalum, Azalea, Podocarpus, Crepe Myrtle, Ligustrum, Sago Palms. Our pruning team uses electric-only equipment to keep your shrubs in check. Depending on your property’s landscaping, we can schedule visits as often or as little as is necessary.


Give your prized plants and flowers what they deserve by cutting the competition.Weeds hog sunlight, water, nutrients, and soil space. A weed-free garden doesn’t just look nicer, it also provides the opportunity for your garden and landscaping to thrive.The problem with weeds is that they just keep coming. Even a single weed can produce thousands of seeds that will spread all over your property. Regular weed control can remove existing weeds while also preventing new ones, which will cut down on the overall weed population over time. Weed control is available as a standalone service or through our regular lawn maintenance packages.

Leaf Clearing:

Leaves need to be removed as they damage grass and can smoother it to death. If you’ve let them build up over a season, or two we can remove them all. There may be a location on your property we can make them dissapear in a wooded area, or we can bag them up and leave them by the road side. Alternatively we can alway take them away and dipose of them ourselves for an additional fee.

Pull Vines:

Viness can damage walls, trees, hrubs, and take over anything they grow on. It is important to keep them away from everything. Pulling vines is included in our clean-up, just let us know and we will add it to the list of items to get while we’re at your property.

Reduce Hedges:

Over time hedges can grow tall causing many issues to the landscape around them. The most common thing we see is loss of light to grass around which takes away valuable energy that the grass needs to grow. Overgrown hedges can also damage buildings especially during hurrican season when they sway back and forth rubbing against buildings and roofs. Reducing a hedge can give new life to a landscape openning it up to new growth from light and better air flow. It also make maintaining the hedge a lot easier in the long run!

Trim Trees

Just like with hedges, tree limbs can grow up against houses and when strong winds come along during the next summer storm on hurrican they’ll be lashing the roof incouraging it to give up. We can prune lower limbs from the ground with our pole-saw which reaches up to 12ft. We recommend keeping all tree limbs 5ft away from structures or more.

Remove Debris

There are three options when it comes to debris: find a spot locally to leave it, leave it by the road for city pick-up, or we can take it away. We offer all three options as they effect price. The easiest is to leave it on your property. You never know, some wildlife may take up residency. If you’re limited on space cutting the debris to size ready for the city crew is the way to go. Alternatively, and we see this a lot in Haile plantation where there are restrictions on leaving debris infront of your property, we can dispose of the debris ourselves. We charge per the cubic yard. Please call for current prices.