5 Easy Leaf Removal Tips for Any Gainesville, FL Resident

We all dream of that crisp, green lawn.

But sometimes reality is a big pile of wet leaves.

Especially during the winter in North Central Florida. Sometimes it seems like the leaves just won’t stop falling. What can we do to clear them up without losing our minds?

Here are five easy leaf removal tips for any type of Gainesvillian. Whether you’re super busy, a new parent, dedicated to the environment or more, there’s an option below for you.

5 Leaf Removal Tips for Gainesville, FL

1. Mulch leaves into plant and shrub beds

Are you a glass-half-full type of person? Think of the leaves on your lawn as a giant pile of free, organic fertilizer. By mulching your leaves, you can recycle nutrients right back into your plant beds.

You can simply rake up the leaves and then spread them over your plant beds. But if you want them to break down quickly and add nutrients to the soil faster, chop the leaves up first. All this takes is running your lawn mower over the pile of leaves.

This method also tends to create a cleaner, more professional look.

Aim for about two inches of leaf matter over the soil.

Just make sure not to pile the leaf mulch too close to the roots and stems, especially with roses or azaleas.

2. Mulch them into the turf

This idea is similar to the above—recycling nutrients into the earth for healthy, strong grass.

You just can’t put quite as much leaf mulch over your grass, or you’ll risk damaging it. If the leaves are blocking sunlight or letting excess moisture collect on your turf, you’ll do more harm than good.

First, chop up your leaves finely by running them under the lawn mower. Then spread a thin layer across your turf—the leaf pieces should fall down to the soil. If there’s a visible leaf layer over your grass, you’ve put too much down.

3. Try an electric leaf blowing service

If you want to do right by the environment while clearing your lawn, we respect that! But we also understand that raking and mulching leaves isn’t for everybody. Whether you’re short on time or just don’t feel like adding an extra chore to your list, you might be looking for other options.

So let Sun Power Lawn Care do it for you! Our electric leaf blowers will quickly clear your yard without the noise, smell, or emissions that come from gas blowers.

Anyone can enjoy the benefits of quiet, eco-friendly leaf removal, but you might be especially interested if you have young children at home or if you work from a home office.

Contact Sun Power Lawn Care online or at (352) 507-5296 for a free estimate.

4. Bag them for the City to pick up

The City of Gainesville provides a curbside leaf pickup service between October and January each year. Just put the leaves into a paper lawn/leaf bag (you can find them at hardware stores or Publix).

The leaf pickup service is unlimited, as long as you keep each bag under 40 pounds.

Set the bags in a single-file line along the back of your curb. City employees will pick them up according to this schedule.

5. Pile ‘em up and play!

The last of our leaf removal tips is for the kids and the kids-at-heart.

Why not make a boring chore more fun? Rake up dry leaves into a giant pile and let kids go nuts jumping and running through them.

It’s not exactly a landscaping technique, but you can count on it for family memories.


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