Package Add Ons

Add these items to your package and we’ll be by through out the year to keep your landscape looking tip top.


Automate Your Service. Easy Peasy!

Our package add-ons are designed to help tailor your service for your exact needs. We give you the ability to put your service on autopilot so you can spend more time doing the things you love. 

Choose from our add-on services below or ask for recommendations when you call:

mulch gainesville fl



Add mulch to your landscape to make it pop!


Sprinkler Checks

Water, an essential element for the health of your landscape.

prune palm trees gainesville fl


Palm Tree Pruning

Well kept palms keep a landscape looking clean and tidy.

annual flowers gainesville fl



Eye catching, fragrant, fresh, bring life to your landscape.

debris removal gainesville fl


Debris Removal

Wether it’s regular debris from our works or junk that needs to go, we have you covered.

annual rye grass gainesville fl


Annual Rye Grass

Want winter green growth in your lawn? This grass lives for one season but grows throughout our Florida winter for a lush green mat of grass.