How to Prepare Your Yard for Spring (So You Thank Yourself in Summer)

preparing your lawn for spring gainesville sun power lawn care

Can you feel it?

Fresh cut lawns… azaleas in bloom… birds chirping and singing each other songs…

Spring is just around the corner. It’s one of the best times of the year, but it’s not all about relaxing in a t-shirt.

It’s crucial to strategically prepare your yard for spring if you want a beautiful, comfortable space to enjoy in the warm months—and the time is now.

But we know it can be a bit overwhelming. To get you started, here are five essential tasks to make your spring cleanup simple and quick.

5 Practical Steps to Prepare Your Yard for Spring

1. Make Sure Your Lawn Care Equipment Is in Good Working Order

You’ll be using your lawn care equipment more frequently over the next several months, so it’s important to ensure it’s ready to handle the work.

Sharpen blades on your mower and clippers, and if you have a gas mower, make sure to change its oil, fuel filter, air filter and check the spark plug.

Of course, if you have an electric mower, you’re already good to go… just sayin’!

2. Check Your Irrigation System

North Central Florida had a number of freezes over the past winter, which tend to leave cracks in underground pipes. If your property has an irrigation system installed, make sure it’s operational and no leaks developed during the cold.

Sun Power Lawn Care’s irrigation check service will quickly identify leaks and other common problems like broken valves or pressure imbalances. We will also repair any issues we identify with your irrigation or sprinkler system.

Plus, don’t forget that Alachua County’s summer irrigation rules go into effect in March. That means you can start irrigating twice a week. Make sure to adjust any automatic timers you have on your system.

3. Get Pruning

We’ve covered the importance of pruning hedges before, but it’s worth restating as you prepare your yard for spring. Cutting back your hedges not only makes your property look more tidy and professional, it also allows more light to reach your grass—helping to create a more vibrant, healthy lawn.

Other than shrubs and hedges, you’ll want to take this opportunity to prune Crepe Myrtles over the next month, before they start to spruce out. This is also a smart time to prune roses, if you have some on your property.

4. Tidy Up Plant Beds

When spring kicks into gear, so will the growing season—unfortunately, that includes weeds. Take the time to weed your plant beds over the next few weeks and you’ll have a much more manageable job ahead of you.

Clean up your plant bed edges by raking out leaves and cutting clean lines in the grass with shears, if necessary. Laying down a fresh layer of mulch is also important for the look and health of your plant bed. Mulch creates depth of color while holding in moisture at your plants’ roots. If you have live oaks on your property, wait until they’re done dropping leaves to put down mulch.

We know, we know—these are some of the least fun chores in spring cleaning. Why not let someone else do it? Sun Power Lawn Care’s weed control service (including non-chemical options) and mulch installation service will quickly get the job done for you.

5. Book Your Regular Lawn Care and Landscape Maintenance Service

It’s a good idea to secure your regular lawn care service before the season gets too crazy. Job slots start to really fill up once April arrives, so if you’re going to need regular mowing, pruning, landscape maintenance or other work over the spring and summer, take some time now to secure your service.


Cross lawn care off your to-do list today. Contact Sun Power Lawn Care online or at (352) 507-5296 to schedule quiet, eco-friendly landscape maintenance. Free quotes provided.

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