Preparing Your Yard For The Holidays

How to prepare your yard for the holidays

The holidays can be an exciting time for everyone involved. This is the time of year when families come together to experience that warm feeling of the season and enjoy each other’s company. What you do not want to feel is the stress and burden of preparing your yard for the holidays.

Today, we want to help alleviate some of the stresses that you feel during this time of the year. Thats why we put together these helpful hints on quick ways of preparing your yard for the upcoming holiday season. Whether youre in Gainesville, the Villages, Ocala, or somewhere in between, we think these tips will make your lawn care needs this season as easy as Click to Buy” on Amazon!

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Preparing Your Lawn For Winter

Autumn is the time of year when everything that used to be beautifully hanging above our heads is now on your lawn. All of the beautiful leaves on deciduous trees such as Crape-myrtle or Maple will have gradually turned brown and fallen. Now more than ever its essential to make sure those leaves are cleaned up before they start to cause issues. Not everyone realizes it, but fallen leaves can lead to fungus and mildew growth. This will damage your lawn (as well as your other plants nearby), leading to a bigger clean-up mess to deal with in the spring.

Many lawnmowers include a mulching feature that will grind up the leaves on the ground. This provides an unintended benefit for your lawn by continuing to allow moisture to penetrate closer to the soil. This will give your grass ample opportunity to soak up all of the water it needs to stay healthy.

As a better alternative, you can rake up the fallen leaves and put them into compost bags. Many dump facilities have a compost area where yard debris can be taken to. Check with your municipality to see if you have one nearby.


landscaping refresh is a great way to reinvigorate your lawn in the winter. Applying mulch to flowerbeds will help kill off any weeds that are hiding underneath. Aerate your soil as well, removing any thatch build-up from the heavier mowing season.

Better yet, consider a maintenance package with a company such as Sun Power Lawn Care. When you work with our team, well ensure that your is fully prepared for the upcoming winter season. Not only does this remove the stress from your shoulders, but also helps to enhance our street appeal. Our lawn service professionals will come to clean up your yard for you, removing twigs and debris that make it look cluttered and unkept before you host that big family get-together.

Outdoor Winter Decorations

Outdoor winter decorations bring joy to all who get to experience them. Before you place Frosty on your lawn, however, you might want to consider the repercussions. Lawn ornaments that are too heavy can smash your grass and cause damage to it. Consider placing only lightweight decorations on your lawn with tie-downs if that is a must-have for your family. Moving the decorations around frequently can also help prevent dead spots.

When it comes to your porch and driveway, feel free to go all out. Lush holiday wreaths can be found at your local tree farms and will add a perfect green color to your entry door. If thats not enough greenery for you, another idea is to wrap your porch pillars in some fresh garland. Oversized tree ornaments can also be hung from the garland to turn the exterior of your home into a festive scene. Bushes and trees on your property can also have tinsel, ornaments, and lights added to their branches.

Extra seating outside can also be helpful when you have guests over for the holidays. Everyone can gather outside and appreciate all of the work that was put into your outdoor decorating. Add cozy blankets and pillows to the outdoor seats to make an inviting gathering space.

Holiday Lights

Twinkle Nights Gainesville Fl Christmas Display

Another way of preparing your lawn for the holidays is with lighting arrangements. Holiday lights are the perfect addition to your seasonal decorations. In no time, you will be ready for any holiday celebration with some sparkling holiday lights lighting up the night.

To get started, there are several steps you need to perform first. One, make absolutely certain that your lights are free of splits and damage. This can help prevent accidental fires from ruining your holiday plans. In addition, using low-heat lights and outdoor-rated extension cords will further ensure no lawn or property damage.

Two, you should have all of the tools before you begin. Installing your own holiday lighting can be a time-consuming and even dangerous process if you dont have the right tools. This would be a great time to contact our sister company, Twinkle Nights. They will work with you to design a lighting display that is the envy of the neighborhood and handle the installation and removal so you can spend your time enjoying the season. Their team can also create the backyard patio of your dreams with permanent string lighting enabling your parties to continue well past sundown.

Winter Flowers

Preparing your yard for the holidays can also involve some planting. Plant flowering shrubs like camellias that will bloom this winter and add dimension to your landscaping. Add pops of color to your porch and patio with potted flowers like petunias, violas, and Gerber daisies. Poinsettias and mums would also be great fall and winter flowers to place in both indoor and outdoor areas of your home. And of course, its always easiest when you work with a landscaping company to determine the best growing flower and shrub options for your area.


Preparing your outdoor spaces for the holidays does not have to be stressful or too time-consuming. If these helpful tips are followed, your holiday preparation should be seamless and simple. The team at Sun Power Lawn Care is ready to help you get back to what really matters; spending time with those you love. Just contact us at 352-507-5296 or fill out our form here to see how we can best help you.

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