Raw Sun Power Episode 13: How We’ll Grow Our Lawn Service in 2018


Welcome to episode 13 of Raw Sun Power!

In this month’s episode, we take a look back at our company’s successes in 2017, as well as plans for the upcoming year.

So, how did 2017 go for Sun Power Lawn Care?

We’re proud to say that we doubled our number of lawn service accounts last year. We also grew our staff, even having to add an extra person to our typically lighter winter service. You can read more about Sun Power Lawn Care’s successes, challenges, and our perspective on the lawn care industry throughout 2017 in our recent Year in Review.

Big shout out to our longstanding referral partners, whose relationships we further cemented in 2017: McCall Service pest control, Shade Shifters tree services and removal, and Naturally Green Landscape Design.

What’s coming up in 2018?

Big stuff, that’s what!

We’re aiming for continued growth, not only in terms of clientele, but also for our staff and office. As we add to our team, we’ll need a new premises for increased workspace and parking.

By mid-March, we’re looking to hire a full time office manager. Do you think you might fit the bill, or know someone who does? Candidates should email their resumes to info@sunpowerlawncare.com.

To ensure this expansion goes smoothly, we’re working with an attorney to create an employee manual. We’ll also optimize our lawn service routes so that we spend less time driving around and more time taking care of your property.

Big thanks to Green Market Nursery for hosting our Raw Sun Power filming! You’ve heard us mention them before in our roundup of local nurseries that sell fall annuals. Head there to find a pop of color for your yard or plant beds—and grab a coffee at Cym across the street while you’re at it!

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