Fertilizer Services

While there are many reasons to love North Central Florida, the soil here isn’t a common one. The dry, sandy soil makes it difficult for many people to develop green thumbs. If your plants are struggling, it may be due to a lack of essential nutrients in the soil.

Fertilizer can provide nutrients that your plants aren’t getting from the ground so that they can truly thrive. And because stressed plants are more susceptible to pests and disease, fertilizer also protects your plants’ health long-term.

Our Eco-Conscious Fertilizer Services

Sun Power Lawn Care uses slow-release fertilizers, which increase the availability of nutrients to your plants. We will choose fertilizers that are tailored to the specific trees, flowers, and other plants on your property.

We are particularly attentive to how fertilizers interact with the surrounding ecosystem. Over-fertilization carries real environmental risks, since it can seep into runoff and harm fish and plants in our local waterways. Therefore, we use fertilizer precisely and deliberately. Our staff is trained to recognize Florida-native plants that don’t require as much or any fertilization.

Currently Sun Power Lawn Care offers fertilizer services for shrub beds, flower beds, and gardens. For lawn fertilizer treatments, we are happy to refer you to our experienced local partners.


Interested in fertilizer services for your property?

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