Irrigation and Sprinkler Maintenance

The benefits of a properly functioning irrigation system go beyond healthy grass and plants. By ensuring your system is running efficiently and compliant with local regulations, you can conserve water for our local ecosystem, lower your water bill, and even protect the value of your home.

Our irrigation services team provides maintenance inspections and repairs for above-ground sprinklers or in-ground systems.

What Do Irrigation Inspections Look For?

Over time, sprinkler heads can shift so they’re spraying sidewalks, fences, or the exterior of your house. All too often we find poorly aligned sprinkler heads have caused house siding to mold or rot from unchecked spraying. Sprinkler inspections will identify and correct these issues to ensure you’re only watering your grass and plants.

Leaks, clogs, and faulty valves are other common problems that will lower the efficiency of your system and waste water, needlessly spiking your water bill.

We will also confirm that your irrigation system is compliant with Alachua County regulations. These include:

  • Having a functioning rain shut-off device on automatic sprinklers. Sun Power Lawn Care can test or install these devices when necessary.
  • Scheduling irrigation only on certain days, depending on the season.

Our Irrigation Repair Services

Is your sprinkler system not turning on? Is your drip system not turning off?

Are your sprinklers coming on at the wrong time, or not coming on at all?

No matter what problem your sprinkler is having, our team will troubleshoot and repair it. We’re proud to work with irrigation experts who have decades of experience in inspection, repairs, and maintenance.


Interested in irrigation services for your property?

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