Leaf Removal

Leaf blowing is fast and easy, but it’s also typically noisy and bad for the environment.

Raking is eco-friendly, but let’s face it—it can get tiring and boring pretty quick.

Sun Power Lawn Care’s leaf removal services combine the best of both worlds. We use electric leaf blowers that get the job done rapidly without sending gas fumes into the air.

Like all our equipment, our leaf blowers are run on solar power instead of fossil fuels, so you can rest easy that you’re maintaining your lawn while supporting the environment. Electric leaf blowers are also much quieter than gas blowers–our clients often tell us they didn’t realize we were working until they came outside to see their fresh, cleared yard.

Why is Leaf Removal Important?

It’s not just about aesthetics. Too many leaves can collect moisture over your yard, inviting rot, fungus, or pests. A thick layer of leaves can also kill off your grass by blocking sunlight.

When left unchecked, leaves can also clog gutters, pool filters, drains, and other areas of your property.

Our leaf removal services run on your schedule. Depending on the season as well as the size and leaf cover over or your property, our leaf clearing team can come as often or as little as you need.


Interested in leaf removal for your property?

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