Mulch Installation

Sun Power Lawn Care’s mulch installation team works to create fresh, clean lines around your property that support your overall landscaping.

Our start-to-finish services include mulch delivery before we install.

Why Use Mulch on Your Property?

Natural weed control is one of the biggest benefits of mulch in gardens, plant beds, and flower beds. Mulch blocks sunlight from weeds to suppress their germination and growth, so your flowers and plants can thrive.

Mulch will hold in soil moisture, which not only protects your plants from wilting but also helps you conserve water. Additionally, mulch moderates soil temperature to protect plant roots from extreme temperatures.

Many clients also choose mulch installation for aesthetic reasons. Mulch can make your flowers look more vibrant and your grass look more green. It can also add depth to your landscaping that attracts the eye.

Types of Mulch

Common types of mulch that our installation team works with include:

  • Pine bark
  • Pine straw
  • Cypress
  • Cedar


Interested in mulch installation for your property?

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