4 Ways Shrub Trimming Can Protect Your Home and Property

shrub trimming

You’ve got insurance, smoke detectors, locks on your windows. Are you also protecting your property with shrub trimming?

Many people don’t realize it, but pruning shrubs and hedges is important for everything from reducing your utilities bill to deterring burglars.

All while making your lawn look striking!

Here’s what you need to know:

When’s the Best Time for Shrub Trimming?

Right now!

With spring around the corner, now’s the time for North Central FL residents to put shrub trimming on their to-do lists.

Most local plants and grasses are about to wake up from a summer of slow growth or dormancy. If you get a jump on the growing season by pruning between February and April, your shrubs will spruce out over the summer.

This will allow them to look their best for the longest period of time.

How Shrub Trimming Can Protect Your Property

1. Home Security

Where you see an overgrown shrub, burglars see an invitation.

As you’re pruning shrubs and hedges, make sure to cut them below window height. Not only will you bring more natural light into your home, you’ll also deter thieves who might otherwise find an opportunity to lurk and break in.

2. Prevent Rot and Other Damage

When we start work with a new Sun Power Lawn Care client, one of the first things we look at is whether shrubs are growing too close to the house. If they are, they can hold moisture that will ultimately cause rot in the siding or trim. Pruning hedges is an easy way to help prevent the huge headache and expense of exterior rotting.

Overgrown hedges can also scrape against the house exterior and pull off paint. Aside from damaging your home, this can provide yet another opportunity for moisture to collect.

3. Save Energy

If your property has outdoor AC or heating units, you’ll want to ensure that shrubs are trimmed away from those as well.

Overgrown shrubs and bushes can reduce airflow in those units, which causes your system to work harder. You’ll feel this in your wallet – an inefficient unit will drive up your utilities bill. Plus, months and years of overworking will reduce the lifespan of your unit.

4. Support Other Plants

Don’t force your plant beds and grass to compete with your shrubs for sunlight. Generally speaking, the shrubs will win.

Often on job sites, we’ll find that Liriope muscari and other flowering plants are stunted by overgrown shrubs and hedges. Properly pruning your hedges will support all your plants and flowers, promoting a healthy ecosystem on your property. Aside from a beautiful visual impact, the benefits of this include attracting bees and other friendly bugs while deterring pests, and a strong root system that will help prevent water seepage and erosion under your house.

Save on Shrub Trimming

Interested in shrub trimming to protect your home and property? Book an appointment now and we’ll prune $20 off your invoice.

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