7 Photos of Gainesville Lawns that Prove Sprinkler Maintenance Is No Joke

7 Photos of Gainesville Lawns that Prove Sprinkler Maintenance Is No Joke

As you’re getting your sprinkler or irrigation system ready for spring, there are some key issues you can look for to make sure it will be working its best.

We’re talking leaks, clogs, weak water pressure—all the problems that typically come after the cold and dry winter. These common issues can reduce your system’s effectiveness, spike your water bill and even damage your home’s exterior.

That’s why sprinkler maintenance is so important, especially at this time of year. The key is to catch potential problems before the growing season takes off over the summer.

Here are major issues to look for, which the Sun Power Lawn Care sprinkler maintenance team spotted at some local Gainesville job sites.

Common Sprinkler Maintenance Issues to Look Out For:

Filters in sprinkler heads


Filters in sprinkler heads get clogged with time and need to be replaced. If a sprinkler head looks like it has low pressure compared to other heads, the filter is likely blocked.


Before we adjusted this head, it was spraying the electrical unit next to it. This could lead to shorts in the circuit and potentially a fire.


A break like this reduces the pressure within the zone, making all sprinkler heads on that zone less effective because of the reduction in pressure.


Water discoloration from a sprinkler regularly watering the side of a client’s house. We adjusted it so as not to hit the house anymore.

7 Photos of Gainesville Lawns that Prove Sprinkler Maintenance Is No Joke


This is one of four heads that were leaking just as bad as one another. The system hadn’t been run for three years. It could have been because everything was in bad condition, or everything was in bad condition because it hadn’t been run.


PVC pipe break at a local school. It’s in the area where cars are parked frequently, which leads to breaks.


Here’s a happy “after” picture! Pop-up misting sprinkler heads watering a client’s yard after an irrigation check.

Not sure about the state of your irrigation or sprinkler system? Sprinkler maintenance checks are an easy way to confirm your system is working right and not wasting water!

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