Sprinkler System Repair

Whether you have geysers in your yard, a low pressure zone, or your controller that isn’t working, we can help.


Let Us Get Your System Back Up & Running

Is your sprinkler system not turning on? Is your drip system not turning off?

Are your sprinklers coming on at the wrong time, or not coming on at all?

No matter what problem your sprinkler is having, our team will troubleshoot and repair it. We’re proud to work with irrigation experts who have decades of experience in inspection, repairs, and maintenance.

What Can We Repair?

Control Box

Faulty Valves

Pipe Breaks

Here’s a list of what we can help with

 – Replace sprinkler heads and nozzles

 – Replace valves

 – Replace system controllers

 – Locate and repair leaks

 – Raise heads

 – Solve coverage issues to eliminate dry spots

 – Get your sprinkler system working efficiently and effectively


Interested in irrigation services for your property?

Contact Sun Power Lawn Care online or at 352-507-5296 to schedule a sprinkler repair.