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Sprinkler System Inspection

Keep you system running efficiently and effectively all year round for the perfect lawn and landscape.


Let Us Manage Your Sprinkler System For a Hands-Free Approach

Is your sprinkler system not turning on? Is your drip system not turning off?

Are your sprinklers coming on at the wrong time, or not coming on at all?

The time for a sprinkler check is now. Think of your system as a car. Cars need regular maintenance to keep them running efficiently, sprinkler systems are the same way. With time heads leak, valves freeze, and nozzles wear out. To keep your landscape looking its best and to stop unwanted damage to structures, regular sprinkler checks are a must.

How often should I have you come out?

We recommend having your system inspected every 6 months. This helps us keep an eye on any emerging issues before they become big problems. Control timers need to be changed twice a year during spring forward and fall back time changes so we get that too at the same time.


What do we look for?

sprinkler repair gainesville fl

Broken Heads

Sprinkler adjustment gainesville fl

Hazardous Aim

hidden leak irrigation gainesville fl

Hidden Leaks

A standard sprinkler system check includes:

  1. Provide a full irrigation check by running each zone and verifying that all heads of each zone are clean, covering their intended area, set to grade, have full pressure, and valves and pump are working properly.

  2. Adjust irrigation heads as not to spray on walk ways, parking lots, buildings, and fence lines where possible.

  3. Check rain sensor for full operation.

  4. Includes notifying the owner of any problems at the end of each irrigation check with an estimate to complete any repairs.


Interested in irrigation services for your property?

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