Leveling Up Our Sustainable Lawn Care Service with a 48″ Electric Mower

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Tom Snogles is the founder and owner of the Gainesville sustainable lawn care service Sun Power Lawn Care. Our intrepid Sun Power Lawn Care blogger sat down with Tom to discuss the latest company news—the purchase of a 48-inch electric mower that can tackle large and commercial properties—and why continuing to invest in sustainable equipment is a priority for the company.

What should North Central FL residents know about SPLC’s big new electric mower?

We can cut more grass faster, so we’re a lot more competitive on pricing. The 48-inch blade also means we can tackle larger commercial properties efficiently and cost effectively.

Plus, like our other electric mowers, it’s half as loud as gas equipment. Very often our clients don’t even realize we’ve been mowing until we’re already packing up the equipment.

That’s good news if you work from home, have young kids at home or just want to do a favor for your neighbors.

You’ve been running this sustainable lawn care service for four years now. What misconceptions about electric equipment have you encountered?

A lot of people assume it’s expensive just because it’s eco-friendly. But what you have to remember is that we’re saving tons of money on gas because we don’t use any at all. We have zero gas cost. Maintenance is also very inexpensive because there are no oil changes or fuel-related repairs to worry about.

We pass all those savings on to the customer in our rates.

Another misconception is that people assume electric mowers aren’t as powerful as gas mowers. I’d invite anyone who thinks that to come try out our equipment. I’m confident you’ll see that it totally kicks grass.

What reactions have you gotten with the new mower?

We presented our equipment recently at an Electric Vehicle Association of Gainesville event, and we were really encouraged by the response.

A lot of people were really interested in the 48-inch mower and the fact that it’s durable, can take a beating and still work efficiently. A few even took it for a ride around downtown Gainesville.

There were a lot of really enthusiastic people, which I feel is a sign that our company and other sustainable businesses are moving in the right direction. People in this area are really driven to create a greener world and our efforts as a sustainable lawn care service are being welcomed with open arms.

By continuing to invest in sustainable equipment, what message do you want to send to the community?

Any business can be sustainable. If you’ve got the drive, you can make it happen, especially with the new technology that’s coming out practically every day. Whether it’s biodegradable forks, carbon offsets or a giant electric mower, there are options for many types of businesses.

And I think it’s important to show that a green business can succeed. Your client base and your community are filled with people who are just as focused on creating a healthier, more sustainable future. As Sun Power Lawn Care continues to grow, we’re going to continue investing in that future.


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