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The Sun Power Lawn Care 2016 Year In Review

Tom Snogles is the founder and owner of Sun Power Lawn Care, a Gainesville, FL electric lawn care and maintenance business dedicated to quiet and sustainable service. I like to say that my mission in business and in life is to improve my little corner of the world. That’s why I started Sun Power Lawn […]

Pro Advice On Building A Successful Green Business

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of building a company while supporting the environment. But what does it take to run a successful green business? How are our challenges as green entrepreneurs unique? How can we run successful small businesses while staying focused on sustainability? When we were preparing to launch our electric lawn care business, […]

Ask an Expert: How Lawn Drainage Systems Can Protect Your Yard From Storms

Lawn Drainage Solutions From An Expert To Protect Your Yard

Lawn Drainage Solutions Q&A With An Expert Floridians know that during the summer, a rainstorm can pour down at any moment. And it’s important for homeowners to be prepared. If your yard doesn’t have proper lawn drainage, storm runoff can collect and cause big problems for your property, from erosion, to harboring insects, to washing […]

5 Types Of People Who Benefit From Quiet Lawn Care

5 Types Of People Who Benefit From Quiet Lawn Care

Ever been jarred awake on an early Saturday morning by the sound of a lawn mower roaring to life? It may seem like that noisy gasoline engine is just a fact of life in grassy neighborhoods. But thanks to electric-powered quiet lawn care equipment, there is a safer, healthier, more neighborhood friendly mowing alternative available to benefit […]

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