User Guide To How The Lawn Care Pros Get Jobs Done


Professional lawn care is an art form. Many of us have green thumbs naturally. However, if you’ve ever wondered how the lawn care pros get the job done, you’re not alone. In fact, as we’ll unpack today, it takes time to learn how to do lawn care like a professional. There are six aspects of professional lawn care we want you to keep in mind as we share some of our in-house secrets today.

Be prepared for trial and error

The first is to prepare for trial and error. Have you ever wondered how the pros can create checkered patterns in their yards? Or, have you ever driven by a lawn with perfectly manicured trees, bushes, and shrubs yet struggled to get them to look good at home?

As with any skill, it takes time to learn the secrets to professional lawn care. What’s a common rookie mistake? Setting the mower deck too low. To mow as little as possible, some homeowners will mow the grass as short as possible. As it turns out, mowing frequency is more important than most people realize. Keeping the grass taller, while mowing more often, is a great way to have an amazing-looking yard.

Have the right kind of tools on handLandscape maintenance gainesville fl

You can purchase lawn care equipment just about anywhere. However, just as all cars aren’t created equal, the same is true for lawn care equipment. 

The best equipment for lawn care is rarely available at a big-box retailer. Rather, it’s at stores that specialize in lawn care equipment where you’ll find the best options. These include electric mowers, wide decks, and electric trimmers. These basic tools are the staple of any professional lawn care company.

Beyond the basics, however, you’ll want to start considering things like test kits, blade sharpeners, and water hoses. Test kits measure acidity levels in your soil. Your lawn won’t look good unless your blade is as sharp as it can be. And finally, unless you have an in-ground sprinkler system, you’ll need a water hose at some point.

Regular training is a must

If you’re wondering how to do lawn care like the lawn care pros, there’s a keyword to remember.


Teach yourself as much as you can about lawn care and maintenance. Watch YouTube videos, read blogs, and even take classes. 

The pros focus on regular, consistent training. Their goal is to make certain that each member of their team understands lawn care maintenance best practices. Education is essential to not only understanding the trade but keeping yourself up-to-date on changes in the industry.

Develop a consistent lawn care maintenance schedule

Lawn care maintenance includes more than how often you mow the grass. It also includes important ways to mow the lawn, such as the direction you mow. On your lawn care maintenance schedule, note which direction you mowed and be sure to go the opposite direction next time.

In addition, you don’t want to water your grass daily. The roots for each blade of grass need to “challenge themselves”, just like we do at the gym. Force them to dig deeper to tap into an in-ground water source. Watering your lawn every other day or even every third day is better. However, don’t water during the hottest hours of the day. If you do, you’ll end up burning the grass.

In addition, having your trimming routine on a schedule is also important. Don’t let your hedges and tree branches get too big. Otherwise, they’ll create too much shade and prevent your grass from getting the sun it needs.

Finally, consider adding a regular soil test to your routine. A good rule of thumb is to test it on the first of each month to monitor any PH changes.

electric lawn care

Adapt and make changes

Professional lawn care technicians understand that what worked 20 years ago doesn’t necessarily work today. We’ve already briefly mentioned electric equipment. Now, let’s unpack why this matters.

First, electric equipment is considerably quieter than their gas-powered brethren. Do you know how everyone rushes to mow their grass right before a heavy rainstorm? The neighborhood gets pretty loud, doesn’t it? Electric mowers mitigate this headache. They’re better for your neighbors who may be on a work-from-home Zoom call. They reduce animal stresses, especially if there are nearby wildlife preserves. And finally, they’re less intrusive if kids are trying to complete homework assignments or on a remote learning day.

Second, Electric lawn care equipment also reduces pollution and is more energy-efficient. The amount of carbon emissions that a standard gas-powered mower puts off is the equivalent of 10 sedans. Over the course of a year, a single gas mower adds almost 122 pounds of C02 and other pollutants to our environment. 

Looping back to the lawn care pros, none of this was a concern at the turn of the century. Now, with consumers more aware of the impact they have on the world, it’s a bigger concern. A willingness to adapt and make changes as necessary is the hallmark of how the pros get the job done.

Partner locally

If you’re looking for one more way how to do lawn care like a professional, it’s through local partners. Small business owners focus on providing superior customer service. As we mentioned, you should buy your lawn care equipment from a local dealer. When you do so, you’re putting dollars directly back into the Gainesville community.

As one of the region’s premier lawn care maintenance companies, we strive to be a part of the areas where we live and work. This includes local partnerships with area businesses and participating in area chambers of commerce.

The pros continually look for ways to grow their local presence. We learn from each other and build connections through like-minded interactions.

How the lawn care pros get the job done

When your green thumb won’t cooperate, there’s still one remaining solution: contact the team at Sun Power Lawn Care. Our technicians embrace all of the principles we’ve talked about today. They’re ready to serve you and to make your lawn the talk of the neighborhood.

Contact us today to get a free quote!

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