Why does everyone have a lawn?

 First off, what is a lawn?

       A quick google search states that a lawn is “an area of short mown grass in a yard, garden, or park.” Now, why do we put such importance on this area of short mowed grass in our yards, gardens or parks? Well, let’s picture the American dream. It’s important to all of us in some fashion. Odds are the image that comes up in your mind is similar to everyone else’s. No matter who you are, or what your actual dream is when you hear “American Dream” you picture the classic husband, wife, two kids, a dog, the nice house, and that white picket fence. Now, I’ll bet in the background, without mention or thought, there is a lovely green, immaculately, maintained lawn protected by the infamous white picket fence.

Why do we have lawns?

     Admit it. That lawn is there. Despite the house, family, or dog that you picture, that nice patch of grass is inevitably there in the mind’s eye. So why do we all have lawns? Because we are conditioned to have them. The history of lawns started in the medieval era where it was important to have clear ground. Cleared grounds made it easy to spot an approaching threat. Later, the sport of bowling and golf introduced the idea of a lawn to the United States. Eventually, the industrial revolution developed the suburbs and the lawnmower. That meant that lawns were not only common but easy to take care of for the average person. Thus, the lawn was permanently inserted into the nature of the modern family.

Lawns today.

       The lawn came from a need for safety, sport, and status. Today, the lawn is still all those things. We have well-maintained lawns so that we can safely roll around in the grass. We have them so that the kids can play football, soccer, or tag. More than ever before we have stunning lawns with picture-perfect flower beds, fountains, and fun garden gnomes. We can now show the world that we have, at very least, achieved that unmentioned, lovely green, immaculately maintained lawn that everyone sees in their version of the American dream.


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