Why Should I Pay Someone for Lawn Care?

Every week it’s the same old routine. You wake up Monday morning, head off to work, run the kids to their activities, and rush around all week only to spend your free time on Saturday or Sunday dealing with lawn care. For some, lawn maintenance is actually how they unwind from a hectic schedule. For many, lawn care is the last thing they’d rather do. While you may not enjoy it, if you’re in that latter group, you’ve probably asked yourself “Why should I pay someone for lawn care?” After all, if you do it, it’s relatively free, right?

The reality is that when you pay for a professional care service, you “get” several really valuable things given to you. Let’s look at what just a few of those are today.

First, you get an amazing-looking lawn!

It almost goes without saying, but a professional lawn service company can transform your yard from average into the talk of the neighborhood. From services as simple as mowing your grass to more involved tasks such as weeding and maintaining your sprinkler system, lawn maintenance is an involved process.

For example, we know one homeowner who hated mowing his yard. He wanted to get it done as fast as possible, so he (literally) almost ran as he pushed his mower across his lawn. He rarely took care of other tasks such as trimming or pulling weeds. After many complaints from his wife about how bad the yard looked, he finally hired out his weekly lawn maintenance. Here’s a look at what to expect when the lawn care team arrives. 

Since then, his yard has never looked better! His only regret is not hiring it out sooner!

Second, you get more time back into your busy schedule.

In today’s society, time is a precious commodity many of us don’t have. When you contract with a lawn service company like us, you get more time back into your busy schedule. This frees you up to take care of other items on your honey-do list, such as cleaning out the gutters or organizing the garage.

If those ideas don’t sound appealing to you, how about this one: when you’re not spending your free time dealing with lawn care, you’re able to spend more time with the people who need you the most.

Your family.

Sure, running the kids from practice to games means you’re together but are you actually together? When was the last time you took your kid fishing or to the park just for fun? Chances are, it was a long time ago. With a lawn maintenance agreement freeing you up, you can finally make time to reconnect with your spouse or kids!

Third, you get some much-needed relief.

Relief comes in various shapes and sizes. For starters, one kind of relief you get is from maintaining your lawn care equipment. No longer will you have to remember to buy gas for the mower or keep your trimmers charged. You might even be able to sell those items altogether! Forget oil changes, extension cords, or sprinkler inspections. When you pay someone to take care of those things for you, you get relief from all of those responsibilities.

Next, let’s talk about allergies. For some people, their biggest allergen is grass. As they mow their lawns, those allergies flare up. But when you hire a lawn maintenance company to take care of your yard for you, you limit your exposure to those annoying pollens. And as most allergy sufferers can attest, anything that can offer relief from seasonal allergies is worth its weight in gold!

Finally, you get some peace of mind

Let’s loop back to time constraints for a minute. When we first talked about your week, we assumed that every week is the same. Unfortunately, lawn care in Gainesville can be heavily impacted by the weather. Will it rain on your only day off? If it does, it means you’ll have to find other times in your schedule to fit in lawn maintenance. Whether you live in Gainesville or nearby Haile Village, lawn service companies take the burden off of your shoulders. Let us worry about the weather — you don’t need that kind of stress in your busy life! We’ll give you peace of mind that, no matter what Mother Nature sends your way, we’ll take care of your lawn for you.

Our lawn care professionals are standing by to give you all of these things!

We want to give back the time, relief, and peace of mind you need in your schedule. Most importantly, we want to give you an amazing-looking yard! With over 18 years of lawn service experience, the team here at Sun Power Lawn Care is prepared to transform your yard into an outdoor masterpiece.

Ready to get started? We offer free, no-obligation quotes. Just fill out our short form and we’ll be in touch soon!

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