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Gas vs Electric Equipment

If you’re like most people, you have a gas-powered lawn mower. But it’s not the only option. Electric lawn mowers are becoming more popular, and for good reason. You might already have an electric-powered weed wacker. In this article, we’re going to discuss gas vs electric equipment for your lawn. We’ll talk about: Benefits Prices […]

How to Hire the Best Landscape Company

There are numerous landscape companies in Gainesville, Florida. Which one should you choose? How do you know which one will serve your needs? Choosing the right landscape company will allow your yard to be the jewel of the neighborhood. On the other hand, picking the wrong landscape company can make your yard no better off […]

Safe Summer Lawn Care: How to Avoid Heat Stroke when Working Outside

How to Avoid Heat Stroke when Working Outside

There’s a lot to love about Florida in the summer. But that’s easy to forget the second you head outside to do yard work. With the high temperatures, the humidity, and the beating sun, working outside during a Florida summer isn’t just unpleasant. It can actually be dangerous. Heat stroke, or overheating of the body, […]

Ask an Expert: When to Fertilize the Lawn in Gainesville, FL This Spring

when to fertilize the lawn

Are you the kind of person who can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning? Then you can understand what it’s like for your grass in the spring. It just needs that extra boost to wake up and look its best. The right fertilizer, used at the right time, can provide that boost. […]

What Is Lawn Aeration? The All-in-One Guide to Do It Right

Simply put, aeration is the process of boring small holes in the lawn. Sound weird? It’s actually a common and dependable lawn care technique. And don’t worry, it’s not as laborious it sounds, especially with the right tools. The basic idea is to break up compacted soil and help your grass absorb oxygen, water, and […]

How to Get Florida-Friendly Landscaping at Half the Price

florida-friendly landscaping

Imagine having a lush, vibrant, inviting yard… but without having to water or mow it so much. Sounds nice, right? It’s also totally achievable with something called Florida-Friendly landscaping. Florida-Friendly landscaping is a program that harnesses low-maintenance plants to cut down on water usage. The result is a beautiful yard that doesn’t need constant irrigation. […]

Ask an Expert: Summer Pest Control Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

Relaxing outside during a Florida summer is sometimes easier said than done. You want to enjoy your yard and hang out on the lawn with your friends and family… but so do all kinds of bugs and pests. Proper summer pest control can help you keep control of your lawn and enjoy the season without buzzing and itching. […]

Ask an Expert: What Insurance Coverage Should My Lawn Service Have?

what insurance coverage should my lawn service have

When researching a lawn care service to hire, most people look at customer ratings, testimonials, and ask around for quotes. That’s all definitely crucial to making a smart hire. However, between the pricing and service comparisons, you may forget to ask yourself an essential question: what insurance coverage should my lawn service have? Accidents happen in every […]

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