Raw Sun Power Episode 12: Green Man Festival Giveaways and Trailer Troubles

Welcome to episode 12 of Raw Sun Power!

In this month’s episode, we cover some fun events that are on the horizon for our company—and a not-so-fun trailer crisis…

The fun stuff: Green Man Festival

We’re participating in the upcoming Green Man Festival in Gainesville. Local eco-conscious business owners, artists, crafters, and vegetarian vendors will gather to promote their work and education of green efforts. It’s a great opportunity to support sustainability in Gainesville, eat well, and get moving outdoors after your Thanksgiving food coma.

Green Man Festival comes to Depot Park November 25 to 26. We’ll offer plenty of fun giveaways at our booth. Learn all about them in the video above.

As for the not-so-fun stuff…

Our trailer was jackknifed on a recent dark and stormy night.

Fortunately, all problems were cosmetic. But it’s still a headache and an expense that no small business owner looks forward to.

The good news is that we were able to remain fully operational, and are now busy helping clients prepare their yards for tailgates, holiday parties, and the cooler temperatures. If you haven’t gotten one already, now’s the time for fall cleaning. Check out our fall yard clean up checklist as well as our seasonal clean up services for a healthy lawn that will impress your guests and neighbors.

Big thanks to Civilization for hosting our Raw Sun Power filming! If you haven’t gotten brunch there yet, the weekend is just around the corner…