3 Simple Secrets to Make Your Property Pop in Winter

winter landscaping tips

Singin’ the winter grass blues?

We’re with you.

Winter isn’t exactly the most thrilling time of year for us lawn enthusiasts.

St. Augustine grass goes dormant, meaning it essentially stops growing until spring. Typically the color gets a bit less bright and the blades can get brittle in the cool, dry air.

But does that mean your property can’t be lush and inviting this season?

Absolutely not.

In fact, we’ve got three super simple winter landscaping tips for an eye-popping property in cool weather. Try these quick techniques and watch how your lawn transforms.

3 Easy Winter Landscaping Tips

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1. Plant Colorful Annuals

Bright winter annuals will instantly add color and depth to your property.

Annuals are flowers whose life cycle lasts one season, so you can plant them to quickly spruce up your yard and replace them the following year. Use them to wake up your shrub and plant beds or add a clean line of color along your driveway or front stoop.

Best of all, getting winter annuals in Gainesville is easy! Here’s a list of local nurseries offering annuals this season, and what flowers they have in stock.

2. Pressure Wash Your House Exterior and Driveway

Even if your home and driveway don’t appear dirty, you’d be surprised what a difference pressure washing can make.

Pressure washing removes the layers of dust, pollen, and grime that tend to build up throughout the warmer months, leaving exterior walls and pavement looking crisp and bright.

It will pull neighbors’ eyes straight to the most important part of your property: your home.

3. Install or Freshen Mulch

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This is a subtle but significant landscaping technique that won’t just make your lawn look better but will also make it healthier.

Fresh mulch adds rich colors and clean, curving lines through your landscaping. It helps flowers and shrubs pop while minimizing the appearance of dry winter grass.

Better yet, mulch also holds in soil moisture and heat to help your plants thrive even during the cooler months.

Sun Power Lawn Care offers start-to-finish mulching services, including mulch delivery. We work with common North Central Florida mulches including pine bark, pine straw, cypress and more. Contact us online or call us at (352) 507-5296 to discuss how we can beautify and strengthen your property this winter.


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