Revealed: Mowing Frequency More Important than Previously Thought

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Many savvy homeowners are financially conscious of their monthly spending.  This is especially true for services such as lawn care.  However, lawn and garden experts believe making a decision about mowing frequency based solely on short-term cost is a costly mistake.

Weekly Lawn Mowing More Important Than Originally Thought

There is one thing that all the best lawns have in common: they are mowed weekly.

Does this mean that weekly mowing is a must?  Maybe not, but several Gainesville Lawn and Garden experts agree that frequent mowing is the key to a lawn’s health, beauty and ability to resist disease, insects, and weeds.

See Why Experts Agree

According to Howard Garrett, a.k.a. The Dirt Doctor, “Research found that when no more than one-third of the leaf system is removed at one cutting, the negative effect on root and stem growth is minimal. The cutting height has an effect on root size. There is a direct relationship between cutting height and the total volume of the root system.” In other words, cutting off too much grass at one time has a

negative effect on the root system.

Did you know: a lawn with a deeper root system requires less water to maintain. This deeper root system also contributes to the lawn’s thickness and greenness. A weak lawn is susceptible to insects and disease. A deep root system can be achieved through proper watering procedures and more frequent mowing. During the growing season, irrigated turf grows too fast to cut off only one-third of the grass when mowing every other week.

Neil Sperry, host of a national gardening radio show, takes the same position as Howard Garrett. He believes “one must be careful not to take off more than a third of the leaf blade at one mowing, which may mean more frequent mowing.”

The Overlooked Benefit, Potentially Worth Thousands to Homeowners

Homeowners are encouraged to consider an additional, potentially very valuable benefit of frequent mowing. The key to a healthy, beautiful lawn is a combination of proper watering, fertilization, weed control, and weekly mowing from April to September. The appearance of the lawn has a cost most do not consider: the resale value of one’s home.

The Home is currently the single largest investment most Americans own. In a tight real estate market, it becomes more important than ever to have an attractive lawn. It may be the difference between not selling or selling – and getting the best possible price. A neglected lawn cannot be revived overnight without spending thousands. For homeowners, a little prevention is money in the bank.

Weekly Mowing Costs Less Than Most Realize

For the majority of homeowners in GNV, weekly mowing is only about $324 more per year than every-other-week mowing. This is barely 89 cents per day. However, the results are impressive: better resale, a more attractive lawn, less grass debris to stir up allergies, delayed thinning of turf, weeds and harmful insect deterrent, and more.

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