Customer Care Focused – How Automated Payments Improved Our Business

          Nothing is more frustrating for a business or its customers than fighting the payment process. By offering automated payments, such as online or debit/credit card transactions, your business eliminates the hassle of mailing invoices, waiting for payment and sometimes never receiving payment. Our team, here at Sun Power Lawn Care, wants to share the wonders and rewards of using a safe, legal, and convenient payment process. Let’s put your focus back on customer care and innovation

 Customer Care in Automated Payments

       Your customers want the job done right and they want it done fast. Payment included. When you make the move to online and automatic payments, you legitimize your business. Customers trust a business that is up to date on technology. Not only that, but clients feel like your business is helping them focus on the important things in life. Here are some ways that our clients benefit from automated payments.

  1. Convenience – Our clients no longer have to spend time going over the paper invoices, writing checks, or mailing them. They can just set up their online account, click “reoccurring payment,” and know we will take care of the rest. If the payment isn’t reoccurring, they have their bank info on file for a quick payment whenever it’s needed.
  2. A quick way to communicate – Our customers enjoy personalized accounts that keep them informed of their bill and any changes. It also makes it easy to put client information, such as prior purchases and contact info, just a few clicks away.
  3. No Late Fees or penalties – Late payments seriously affect cash flow which hurts the business’s ability to operate. That means, as a business, you must motivate clients, with late fees or penalties, to pay on time. With automated payments, we found our customer relations improved because late fees were a thing of the past.
  4. Environmental savings – Without paper invoices or envelopes, our customers can feel good about helping the environment. Hundreds of trees take a hit on old billing ways every day. There is no need to add to those numbers.

Innovation Through Automated Payments

           Credit/debit cards charge a convenience fee because they are inherently convenient. Yes, a 2-4% charge will come out of the company’s sales, but it’s worth it. Automated Payments not only save your customers time and money, but it saves your business time and money. Here are some improvements that we saw in Sun Power Lawn Care. 

  1. Meet payroll every time – The best way we can take care of our clients is by taking care of our employees. Automated payments made that easier. Our cash flow was significantly improved when payments were automatic. That has helped us pay employees on time every time. Our employees prioritize customer experience when they know they are valued.  
  2. Avoid cutting corners – Automatic payments helped us have the finances to buy the right equipment, materials, etc. when we needed them. Good resources mean happy employees. Our team hates fighting old equipment or wasting time knowing there are more efficient ways. 
  3.  Invest in your business – Quality cash flow gave us the time and money to explore better services, more services, and employee training. Our customers love to see innovation. It means we are looking for all the ways to do our best by them. Employee training does the same for our employees. We love the ability to improve, not only the quality of the employee, that we can hire but the quality of training they get once they have joined the team.

 Make Automation Safe and Legal

            Security is, of course, a concern for customers when handing over their credit/debit card information. To keep our customers safe, we partnered with Clearent, an online payment processing company. They process our customer’s payments worry-free. Clearent also takes care of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) standards to ensure fraud protection. Although automated payments are relatively safe, mistakes can happen. Here is what we do to prevent them. 

  1. Protect the client’s purchase. We offer a risk-free money-back guarantee. Customers need to trust that we will do our best. The only way to do that is to make sure that they do not feel trapped in a purchase. We do the job right or we make it right. If we cannot make it right; we make it free.
  2.  Ensure that our customers know exactly what they are getting and what it costs. When we produce a quote, the client must accept it through a written agreement before we can get started.  
  3. Make sure we have someone at the phone to answer billing questions or concerns. Someone is in the Sun Power office, ready to take calls and answer questions, from 9-5, Monday-Friday. 
  4. Give customers time to review their invoices. We send invoices out on Monday and our payments are filed on Tuesday. That way customers have 24hrs to look at their bill. If issues arise, they can call us with any questions before the payment is processed.

Your Business Deserves to Be Automatic

          Our Sun Power team has built the business with customer care in mind. We switched to automatic payments to make our client’s lives easier and we ended up making our own lives easier. We encourage you to get on this easy business boost today. If you have questions or are just curious about how to get started, feel free to contact me personally at I look forward to pointing you in the direction of how we got this process going.

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